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   With the progress of society, more and more people began to focus on the health of drinking water, so water purifier on the market has become hot up. However, in peoples minds, there are still many people the electrolysis of water purifiers and approval for the same. In actual fact, the following Victor purifier manufacturers came to introduce to you, talk about both what is different.

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   The water purifier

   purifier as it were, is to remove the impurities in water, the water to be purified to the apparatus. Its main function is to get rid of musty tap water to remove carcinogenic substances, chloroform and other harmful substances, and make the water safe to drink. The simplest water purifier is activated carbon and remove chlorine impurities. The past few years on the market A sand filter, rock or ceramic treatment, magnetic treatment process combining expensive products. These products, the scientific principle of manufacturing has not been out of the solution, there are many, this is the need to attract attention. Water purifier water purifier produced better than any bottled water and bottled water, as it now then is to drink, some water, "vitality", and that "natural" existence minerals and trace elements. Victor purifier has five fine filter, use the original US Dow RO membrane, Delta pumps and other top Taiwan CCK pipe material, allowing you to drink a large amount of water flowing water anywhere.

   The concept of electrolytic reduction water machine

   electrolytic reduction water machine, as the name implies, refers to the electrolysis of water and isolated as "reduced water" and "acidic water" device. The need also simultaneously generate a high concentration of "strong reduced water" and "strong acid water." Functional water, electrolysis of water can be said to be the most in-depth scientific investigation; the Japanese in early 1965, will produce high-quality water ionizer manufacturers of medical devices assessed, and why it has long been understood that the electrolytic reduction water rich? hydrogen, minerals and trace elements, we can remove the body of "toxic rust", we can eliminate the cause of aging and excess free radicals and acid poisoning with various diseases, play a role in delaying aging and maintain healthy.

   Through the above detailed description, I believe you should have a basic knowledge and understanding of water purifier electrolytic reduction water machine. Simple, clean water is further treated to healthy water, and electrolysis of water directly into the water healthy water, you can choose one of them according to their needs.

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