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That make you choose a wholuswater purifiers

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concerned about safety of drinking water


three years ago, a survey results make the city residents worried, there is no practical advanced water purification technology to change the traditional water treatment process? Can members of the public at home using their own methods of water purification whole house? A worthy let you choose a whole house water purifiers


urban drinking face a "new national standard" exam


National Standards Commission and Ministry of Health jointly revised the "drinking water health standards "and 13 drinking water testing methods, the implementation of all projects determined in July 1 this year. The imminent implementation of the new standards have three major changes: First, water quality testing project from the original 35 increased to 106; and second, provides the highest value added component of chlorine and other disinfectants; third is to increase the detection of parasite-like virus body.


control the new standards, industry experts, about drinking water quality is divided into several levels: the capital, Beijing, in particular, within the Fourth Ring of the main city, launched a widespread water depth treatment process, from drinking water from the most close. Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other large cities, and some water plant launched in-depth process, but because the main city of old pipes and other reasons, can not be achieved drink straight. Other capital city, only a few cities launched some of the advanced treatment process. Are thousands of prefecture-level cities, county-level cities, except for a few cities, due to poor water, such as the lack of depth of water treatment processes, a large number of water issues.


Experts believe that the water cure disease, the most fundamental measure is to purify water sources. The urgent and pragmatic choice, is the process of upgrading water plant. Past century, safe drinking water treated according to the city core processes including coagulation, sedimentation, filtration, chlorine and ozone disinfection - Activated Carbon Treatment, substantially only ensure microbiological safety and relative safety of drinking water chemical. According to the above survey, more than 4,000 counties nationwide water plant, 98 per cent still use the traditional water treatment process, if the water is contaminated with heavy metals and organic compounds, traditionCraft appeared to be inadequate.


UF water treatment technology as the core technology


developed from the beginning of the 1980s, the introduction of water treatment membrane technology. It small footprint, physical screening obvious advantages.


Deputy Secretary General of China Membrane Industry Association Chen Lianggang introduction, ultrafiltration is known as "the most promising in the 21st century water treatment technology core," but because of the cost monopoly of foreign technology, the film high. A Panasonic Desktop purifier using only 0.5 square meters of film, sold 3,000 yuan in China.


"traditional purification process using coagulation, sedimentation, and other disinfection processes, the derivative may have served in the water, cause harm to humans. Since membrane technology is a physical screening means, will not cause secondary pollution of drinking raw water directly into the membrane tank of clean water is coming out of, not only can save 70% of the land, and the water reuse rate of 95% to over 99%. take Shanghai as an example, Shanghai daily treatment 10 million tons of domestic water, if membrane filtration, can save 40 tons of water per day, the energy saving is typical. "Chen Lianggang said.


my country began to study membrane treatment since the 1990s, found that PVC alloy as one of the most inexpensive plastic, has a very obvious advantages: cheap, stable performance. Subsequently, the Chinese developed a PVC alloy membrane technology show in the new water plant and the old water plant transformation technology and cost advantages.


"At present, the use of Hainan liters of water purification Technology Co., Ltd. PVC alloy ultrafiltration technology for treatment of tap water costs are cheaper than the traditional process, the price is one-third of foreign products, and standards greatly improved." Chen Lianggang Say. The worlds largest "double membrane" waterworks - Kaohsiung, Taiwan beat Tan waterworks, using liters PVC alloy ultrafiltration membrane module has been stable operation almost four years. "The plant uses ultrafiltration membrane module 3700, Nissan 300,000 tons of water purification."


In fact, the "liter PVC alloy capillary ultrafiltration membrane" as the core of the "third generation city drinking water purification process ", with the traditional process considerable energy consumption, lower than the traditional investment process than the traditional process section 75%, water 3-5%, it can make the quality of tap water can be greatly improved, filtered water 100% filtered off bacteria and viruses, turbidity less 1NTU, microbes and turbidity were better than the United States andEC standards. Our Dongying southern suburbs of water quality improvement projects, Nantong Lu Jing water plant renovation project, Beijing membrane filtration water plant nine projects are already using this technology.


drinking water, whole house water purification can also enter homes of ordinary people


experts, the current urban households common water quality problems include secondary pollution of water and drinking fountains secondary pollution. Improve the water quality of tap water factory, pipe network transformation, home water purifier, three-pronged approach, you can also ordinary people a safe and clean drinking water environment.


It is understood that the firing tap water can kill microbial contamination, but can not remove organic contaminants. Many organic pollutants accumulate in the human body to a certain extent, it may be carcinogenic, teratogenic, mutagenic. Many people said, want to buy a home water purification equipment "protect themselves", but the market water purification products to fish, it is no choice.


Reporters came to Gome, see here, there are nearly ten water purifier brand, price more than 11,000 yuan from 100 yuan to, filtration principle also varied.


According to experts, the key is water purifier filter, the filter determines the quality of the water purifier. Currently on the market mainly drinking water by ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis to get the two technologies, which, ultrafiltration water itself while preserving minerals and trace elements, removing bacteria and other harmful substances in water; obtained by reverse osmosis technology water is what we usually say that the water, the water only hydrogen and oxygen atoms, this water can quench their thirst, lack of minerals and trace elements, long-term drinking bad for your health.


concept of speculation is now on the market some of the activated water, magnetized water, 蟺 water, the spectrum of water, small molecules of water, the Ministry of Health has never made any such products to Health this document, this is a production plant and the concept of vendor hype.


"Compared to traditional chemical water treatment method, drinking water is a physical process to solve the security problems of water," Chen Lianggang said, "The UV has a strong bactericidal effect, can play a further security role. "


drinking water sounds more high-tech, in fact, than bottled water affordable. The current price of bottled water between 8-15 yuan range, and water dispensers cost of water is only 0.2 to 0.4 yuan / barrel between. "Because PVC ultrafiltration membrane filtration accuracy 0.01 m, the water can filter out bacteria completely secondary pollution, viruses, Rust, colloid and other impurities, my country as early as 1997 developed by ultrafiltration machine family. Compared to the 5 to 10 membered bottled drinking water, a bucket of the same, as long as the cost of water treatment ultrafiltration 0.1 yuan. "Said Chen Lianggang Not only that, a huge bottled water production energy, we understand that each bottle of 550 ml of pure water production, the production process requires at least 9.625 liters of tap water


Chen Lianggang said:." Currently liters developed a whole house water purification, sewage can be done manually from the automatic sewage, developing new controllers by 24 volts DC, sewage can be timed to ensure the flux of the membrane, this year the market. "

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