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the constant exposure of water pollution incidents, so that people more worried about the health of the water, the water purification industry entered a period of rapid development, the brand of household water purifiers gradually into the line of sight of parents to buy. Children, the future of the family, is the growth stage, need more intensive care healthy water. But the face of the market a wide range of water purifiers, consumers in the end how the election is correct?


First, the water purifier no outfall: two filter + = ultraviolet lamp straight drink? The bacteria drink stomach body


In the filter effect of the water purifier is used to filter impurities sediment, particulate matter in water, while the ultraviolet lamp has a strong bactericidal effect, the effect of doubt, it If there is no water purifier outfall, but the only prescribe UV lamp and filter water purifier called straight drink machine is extremely irresponsible for the consumer, because although the ultraviolet light has a strong bactericidal ability, but if not to discharge these bacteria are killed, but then it is safe to drink, so that the bodies of bacteria and heavy metals drink stomach, which is what serious pathogens.


II. Simple UF water purifier: incomplete purification, a multi-heavy metal harmful


UF water purifier can effectively filter out impurities in the water and most of the bacteria, viruses, but can not filter small molecules and other heavy metals, and now our municipal tap water quality is getting worse, once the heavy metals into the body, will be coordinated with key substance in the human body occurs, change the normal physiological function of the substance, and even into the nervous system, interfere with the normal function of the nerves leading to disease, so if you rely solely on the ultrafiltration water purifier to protect the life and health safety of drinking water is definitely not a very good effect.


III. Low-end RO water purifiers: the use of many aftermarket difficult to protect


At present, most RO water purifier on the market are low-end products, the price between 800-2000, and even some three or four hundred price in fact, this is a poor performance of market competition, pure play price tag to attract consumers, but reporters learned that if it is RO water purifier, RO membrane alone a quality similar point of going a hundred or more, not to mention there are other costs, so if you encounter this type of RO water purifier is best not to consider, because the water purifier itself is a repeat consumer products, after-sales service is often more important than the product itself, and many play the price card small manufacturers are notThe ability to do a good after-sales service to consumers, even on the part of manufacturers, there is no sale is to say, this also led to the current chaos of the water purifier market.


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