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Selected high-quality water purifier manufacturs investors t

   for water purification agents to join it, in deciding which water purifier brand agency, we have some preliminary investigation. But it is impossible to achieve both personally field investigation of every manufacturer, we want to determine its credibility mostly by phone, mail contacts, advertising. But this does not mean that these methods do not fly, in fact, as long as you can identify good and bad attention to a few details.



   selected high-quality water purifier manufacturers investors look at these three points:

   First, look at the manufacturers publicity

   real strength of the water purifier manufacturers will certainly bring products to participate in various exhibitions, published in trade journals, and has its own sound corporate website, another important point is to spend big hit on TV advertising, brand awareness. The general OEM manufacturers of small, will not spend too much money on advertising.

   Second, look at the manufacturers a long-term marketing program of its own brand of

   say we can not sell everything is no good, not only for agents loss of confidence, but also make the manufacturers to lose market. Of course, product sales and many aspects are inextricably linked, but the key is to look at a factory of its own brand of market positioning and long-term planning, this will make the agency more confident good job market. Manufacturers can listen via telephone, Internet and other representatives of the investment if the manufacturers themselves are not good at marketing planning is not a long-term strategic vision, we can imagine that manufacturers will not go very far, preliminary investigation agency corporate positioning, corporate strategy and corporate vision. In order to determine whether the manufacturer is consistent with your values, if you want that manufacturers cooperation.

   Third, look at the manufacturers quality talent

   This is very critical, a company employee who most from the overall quality of expression, the quality of staff is reflected in the manufacturers credit and overall mental outlook. Acting on behalf of the pre-investment study is the first contact, it can be said that from the late follow-up product to the after-sales serviceSuch as the direct object of a series of contacts. If the investment on behalf of the agent in contact with just blindly exaggerated hype boast their own products, but did not go in depth on the situation seriously wants a proxy to know, not really standing proxy for the proxy angle of the interests, you will not want to to provide any support to the agent, then the agent getting goods likely, you will not care about you, and purely just want to profit, there is no long-term vision and common development. Service can not be protected.

   as long as water purification agents master the skills of the above points, then site visits can not determine whether a manufacturer is probably what you want to find.

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