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So what excellent water quality impacts on human health-

   Water hardness is a sensory index of water mainly refers to the concentration of calcium and magnesium ions. The hardness of the water in my countrys overall high, especially in the northern parts of the body of water, even more than the average hardness of extremely hard water standards. Then, the water hardness is too high which will bring adverse effects?

   mirror covered with water stains, tap spotted, yellowed bathtub growing, thermos bottle in the layers of scale ...... life, these common occurrences, and hard water is the main cause of these problems.

   With the gradual accumulation of scale, can also cause clogging of piping of the apparatus, the flow rate is reduced, heating efficiency is decreased and the like. Studies have shown that caused by the hard water scale will cause more than a third fuel waste.


   Moreover, also a significant impact on hard water washing clothes and the like. Since calcium and magnesium ions and detergents can react with the active ingredient to produce a metal salt, thus reducing cleaning ability. US study showed that washing Association, compared with a water softener, laundry detergent costs and costs caused by hard water has doubled. Meanwhile, the metal salt may also be attached to the clothing, so that the color and brightness of the laundry gradually decreases, even compaction, stiff, brittle, shorten the life of the garment.

   and washing clothes similar to hard water will reduce personal toiletries and cleaning ability, increasing the amount of toiletries, and may even affect the hair and skin. For example, since hair grows like acidic environment, often using weak alkaline hard water shampoo, hair will gradually be eroded, become dry, rough, knotted.

   hard contact with the skin, will leave a layer invisible "alkaline water film", so that the dry skin tight. Calcium and magnesium salts like sand will clog the pores of the skin surface, irritation, damage the skin and accelerate skin aging. Among them, hard water damage to the infants skin is more obvious, such as increased risk of children with atopic dermatitis, which must draw the attention of parents and prevention.


   In terms of taste, high hardness water partial astringent general, hard water tea, the tea aroma will not Young, dark liquor, poor taste, mainly because the calcium and magnesium ions in water will affect the polyphenols. Tea polyphenols crucial effect on the taste and color, while calcium and magnesium ions inhibit the dissolution of polyphenols, resulting in Guadan tea, low tea and dirty, and hardUsually weakly alkaline water, will accelerate the oxidation of tea polyphenols, so that a bright yellow-green liquor color becomes deep dark red, mood and affect people tea taste.

   In addition, due to the combination of calcium and magnesium and sulfate ions in hard water, but also easy to make a temporary stomach upset, bloating, diarrhea and other symptoms, resulting in so-called "acclimatized" phenomenon.


   and scale food, thermos formed during use, in addition to containing the majority of calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, there are a variety of heavy metal elements. According to chemical analysis contains per gram scale lead 12 mg, 21 mg As, 44 mg of mercury, 3.4 mg and 24 mg of iron cadmium, if not promptly removed regularly, repeatedly installed after water boil, harmful elements will be dissolved in water again, long-term excessive drinking can cause the body of heavy metals, harmful to human health.

   calcium ions in hard water and also easy food such as oxalic acid react to form calcium oxalate, calcium phosphate precipitation, resulting in increased incidence of kidney stones. Because of hard water potentially harmful to human health, my countrys "drinking water health standards" requirement, total hardness of drinking water shall not exceed 450mg / L limit.


   Although the hard water in our daily lives will cause varying degrees of inconvenience and problems, but as long as we raise awareness and concern, through the installation of water pipes in the softening device, regular and timely removal of scale, the appropriate choice of personal care products and other means, to hazard control within a certain range, you can ensure the health and quality of life. While at the end of drinking water for cooking, water purification installation to ensure safety worries.

   (made with good water good core, CILLY Li water purification, water purification machine just fine, with a bit of pure love filtration This article Source:. "China Environment News", with map: Baidu picture) [123 ]

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