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When the consumption stimulus policies to knock ot door ofap

   for two years experienced a low ebbs of household appliances industry, 2020 is it not a magical start.


   years, additional sterilization, purification health appliances has always been considered unable mainstreaming "tasteless" function, however by this "plague", sterilization dishwasher, washing machine sterilization, high-temperature sterilization cabinet and other high-end appliances strong out a public circle.

   In addition, although the network under a quarter to a standstill line sales of home appliances has brought no small trouble, but small kitchen appliances electricity supplier was happy to mention live "C-bit", ultra-high growth in the first quarter to 65% headwind comeback.

   More importantly, is coming "to stimulate domestic consumption," the tide, perhaps 2020 will boost the appliance industry ushered in a big opportunity as much as 09 appliances to the countryside policy.


鈻?wonderful view highlights 鈻?

   Q1: How epidemic affecting the total 2020 demand for home appliances and rhythm?

   A1: consumer short-term impact of the epidemic, the epidemic is expected to affect mainly concentrated in the first quarter and the second quarter of April and May, not long-term impact.


   2020 full-year growth of low to high, consumer demand is still there.

   Q2: the epidemic will have a profound impact on the multi-channel change?

   A2: accelerated integration of online and offline next epidemic, online users offline shunt accelerate, machine manufacturers actively use online build-off, micro-channel spike, and other ways to live with a cargo demand drainage.

   speed channel integration, channel more fragmented, electronic business platform sank, the store centralization, the rapid rise of new electricity providers, channel integration really great start.

   Haier, Midea and other multi-category brands as complete category and a large user base, such as performance under the terms of drainage line leading to the advantage line.


鈻?market channel changes after the outbreak six trends



Source: Orville cloud network

   Q3: home appliances company should choose from or embrace the online channel to build third-party platform?

   A3: online development is the trend, leading companies are taking online self-built platform strategy of combining third party and embrace.

   because of the limited strength of SMEs do not have the ability to self-built channels, more through the firstTripartite platform layout.

   Q4: When will the hardcover completed and rebound?

   A4: expected to be completed in April began to lift, completed in May, and gradually into the small peak.

   Dimensions of the year, even in a conservative forecast, in 2020 the total amount of refined decoration opening still will reach 330-350 million units of the scale, year on year growth of nearly 10%.


鈻?optimistic expectations in 2020


completed commercial housing trends



Source: Orville cloud network

   Q5: fine decoration to enhance the proportion of which have a significant impact on the product?

   A5: kitchen electric, water heaters are steady increase in home appliance parts, in hardcover commercial housing is a standard product, demand is high, keep pace with the hardcover real estate; water purifiers, air conditioning, intelligent home comfort Household appliances are high-growth parts; cozy fireplace, dishwasher, central air conditioners and other home appliances is expected to continue high growth in the fine decoration market.

   in the future be able to provide a one-time business solutions with the possibility of a systematic monopoly fine decoration market for real estate companies.

   Q6: Who is the biggest winner in the social electricity supplier?

   A6: electricity supplier for socializing products required to have the following characteristics:

   1, focusing on the emerging segment category scene;

   2, having a high color value ratio;

   3, social crowd scene of the match of the price attribute.

   relatively good performance brand in the future electricity providers in the social need to have mainly the following two:

   1, the content channels covering very wide, has a strong brand tension, covering a variety of social relationship population;

   2, includes a user operating depth capacity to continuously capture new scene requirements, and can use the user reputation spread.

   Q7: leading the companys competitive advantage will expand or shrink?

   A7: the future market structure will appear as the head of the brand increased brand tail sinking, shrinking middle brand.

   # standard consumer shopping behavior of a single product will be fully turned to the online channel;

   # complete purchase, on-demand channels will be the next lineThe primary point of attachment.

   home appliance companys core point of competition, the original distribution on the basis of large-scale manufacturing, expanded to provide value-added service capabilities and comprehensive suite of design, leading to further widen the moat.


鈻?2019 in major appliance category

   Q8: business confidence in 2020 and channel geometry?

   A8: points situation.

   head brand, most companies remained unchanged external diameter not make major changes to the 2020 objectives, strategies, assessment focus from excessive shipping to retail.

   waist, small, second and third tier brands, has adjusted stepwise target.

   Q9: consumer upgrade this year to re-see it?

   A9: the second half of 2020 is expected to reproduce the consumer to upgrade.

   supply-side stock price short-term liquidity pressures make war continued, but the first half of 2020 accumulated demand has not disappeared, when the Chinese economy after the epidemic re-enter the positive cycle, ample liquidity, real estate, infrastructure to loosen the total demand will pick up in the second half.

   As the first half of the supply-side action makes clear inventory to reduce the pressure in the second half, coupled with the continued introduction of new products in the second half, the face of supply and demand structure needs to re-dominant consumers upgrade will appear again.

   Q10: the core competitiveness of high-end appliances What?

   A10: three.

   1, technology and product differentiation;

   2, the user experience;

   3, the level of technology.

   Q11: air conditioning price war will subside?

   A11: cheap state will continue for some time.

   The main reason behind is due to the inhibition of the epidemic on the demand side, demand for cash flow agents and three energy-efficient library would make clear the price war will continue for some time.

   Looking ahead, the second half with three energy efficiency and launch new products destocking ends, prices will gradually repair.

   Q12: air conditioning prices could recover in what way?

   A12: the new energy efficiency standards, the epidemic began to wane and product structure optimization push prices gradually repaired.

   air conditioning repair price will be structured, low-end price competition still exists, high-end products, health products, energy-efficient products will be driving the price action in the overall price assumes a repair effect.

   Q13: say good refrigerator, washing replacement tide go?

   A13: refrigerators, washing replacement tide has not disappeared nor late, but into a long-term sustained-release state, that needs periodic releases.

   affected by the epidemic, refrigerator, washing machine market short-term bearish, long term stability, consumer demand for refrigerators, washing epidemic will not disappear, but the entire release cycle will be adjusted.

   Q14: kitchen electric spring still coming?

   A14: Channel change accelerates, the new two-track drive demand and replacement demand. A process

   kitchen products, i.e., retention rates in dynamic transformation, new demand in 2019 accounting for 58%, accounting for 42% replacement demand, to achieve the effect of the two-track drive.

   the sales side, the current sales are not totally dependent on the line at the retail market, online accounting rising, quick release and dividend growth hardcover market innovation pipeline is expected to continue in 2020.

   Q15: the kitchen is a large dishwasher, oven or steamer?

   A15: dishwasher is a very good category growth, relatively stable growth trend, in a state of rapid growth; steamed me more in line with people eating habits, optimistic about the future trend; oven low price, easier popular.

   complex machine combined with grilled and steamed advantage of the current high proportion of the future as consumers Kitchen electrical consumption habits popularity composite chance to grow into a major category.

   Q16: Opportunities and Challenges electric kitchen faucet in expanding the competitive advantage of?

   A16: change channels and opportunities from a multidimensional competition.

   1, change channels: online channels accounted upgrade, hardcover channels to grow steadily, with a cargo of live broke out a short video, etc.;

   2, multidimensional competition: the core category diversification, the stock market maximization.

   Q17: small appliances competitive pressure will become big?

   A17: offline markets were the United States (a), Su (Nepal), nine (yang) and the control gate highHigher threshold; US online brand (of), Su (Nepal), nine (yang) concentration increased.

   major new category of conventional brand share diluted, for leading enterprises have limited impact.

   Q18: What 2020 will be a small black horse?

   A18: the birth of the dark horse needs from small appliances products, channels, marketing and many layout.

   end products, small household appliances is not only the emerging dark horse, it may be the original category upgrade.

   channel side, we need a multi-channel distribution, to grasp the mainstream online channels.

   marketing end, a new treasure, the Cubs avoided a leader, with innovative products and content detonated.

   Q19: would you choose cleaning robot or hand-held vacuum cleaner?

   A19: cleaning robot hand cleaner and larger complementary properties.

   1, leading not only the layout of a product, there are basic layout;

   2, the functions of both complementary;

   3, the consumption in the background, the user needs more fine Minute.


鈻?leading brand product layout complete

   hand, the cleaning robot become complementary products



Source: Orville cloud network

   Q20: living room economy still hope?

   A20: Currently, OTT Smart TV subscribers over 200 million.

   OTT Smart TV subscribers presents a very fast growth trend, OTT Smart TV brings interactive application experience, help drive consumer demand for intelligent TV upgrade.

   On the other hand, intelligent audio and video equipment for the living room of economic expansion, such as the rise of intelligent speakers, the projected expansion of the living room of the consumer scene.

   Q21: After the control panel, the TV hardware promising money?

   A21: panel makers actively panel layout 8K, 8K into the market development period.

   8K TV is currently in the development stage of the prelude, product positioning high-end market, high market prices, the first half of 2019 8K TV market price compared with the same size 4K TV prices 3-5 times magnification.

   Although the temporary end is positionedMarket, but with the 8K panel production capacity to gradually release the next 8K TV to launch low-end market can be expected, by 2020 China is expected to 8K TV market is expected to reach 30,000 units.

   (Source: financial website, Author: Guotai Junan Securities Research, invasion deleted)

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