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Why not sell water purifiers

   since the end of last year, the winter market, it has not receded, but there are increasingly serious trend. Of course, the water purification industry is no exception. Data show that in January this year - 6 months, water purification equipment sales of 135 billion yuan, an increase of 19.2%, far below last years growth rate of over 50%. Downturn in the overall economic environment at home and abroad do affect to some extent the development of the water purifier market, but other than that it?

   We have also seen some dealers, agents still do water from the wind market sales rise, not fall, the weak market environment and they seem irrelevant. Not only that, some businesses also expanded sales channels, increase the types of business, market share has been increasing. As a result, many people are puzzled: people do business. I know everything, ah, how but why not make your own score

   In fact, this Han as the director of the film "will no period" in the sentence? saying "Ive heard countless reasons, but still too good in this life," the same reason. In water purification, may also wish to life, the ups and downs are normal, the result is poor rich, and only the constant pursuit of better ourselves is king.

   Then, in the water purification industry, how to break through the self, to reach the pinnacle of life? In fact, understand the truth of things just the first step, more importantly, is to determine whether you understand the truth is useful, or can No really give you the long-term benefits, and down to earth stick.



   Here, Xiaobian summed up the key points for Tell me what you think.

   1. The water purifier dealers generally financial pressure, low staffing, not using a large net sales model, but should concentrate superior resources, combined with regional consumer characteristics and product characteristics, the use of a breakthrough formula the micro pin online and offline channel such as red binding, a different kind of lottery booth, etc., to make different mind, in order to guide the consumer to purchase. (So-called "mind" is not taken for granted themselves, but must be able to internalize the hearts of consumers.)

   2. The water purifier is relatively low threshold, anyone can do, but also lack of specific regulatory standards, Some businesses take the lead to malicious marketing relatively quick success as cure all diseases, physical fitness. While these methods can achieve temporary effect, but as a regional distributor, we must keep up their bottom line, deep secret agents. Consumers own region, can be in whateverIncrease the intensity within the range of water purification science, to remind consumers to guard against being taken, not only to win the trust of customers, but also improve their own visibility.

   3. The small but perfectly formed, dealers, too, have their own sound service system. Installation engineer to take appropriate incentives own meat, others soup, not only with trouble, but also a total wealth. Reminder: To fly someone else, you first have to fly

   4 VIP customers can set up the system!.. Consumers can recommend other customers to buy, you can enjoy VIP priority service and discounts and other benefits. Note:!. It is important to enhance customer relations

   5 under poor environmental conditions overall market, dealers commonly used "inaction" strategy to minimize the cost savings program expenses, basically rely on market operation sales of natural, semi-dormant state of stagnation. But in fact, the off-season season but also to the use of reverse thinking, do not play by the rules. Systems businesses to open a second front, eliminate gaps outlets, to stimulate the vitality of channels, regardless of the rest, let his third of an acre active together.

   There is no doubt that in the off-season market, as long as willing to use their brains, willing to break the existing rules, it is possible to achieve is not short off-season, even to achieve sales growth, of course, the most important thing is to have innovation, there is action, there are stick!

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