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-The new marketing the new model- - WelcomhomGuangzhou Offic


Autumn is cool, Tan Kwai fragrance "This is a beautiful season, the headquarters of the Korean music held a grand welcome ceremony," the Guangzhou office colleagues we worked hard, "such a simple greeting, but we unforgettable; this is a very unusual year, the traditional marketing model of competitive advantage is no longer prestige; when the new model has become the industrys largest water purification common topic when exploring new marketing, Korean music has been in the new marketing new model. the practice began all aspects of the summary; "There is no excuse, perfect execution" is the Hanle Wen of the essence, which is a Korean musicians never walk in the forefront of the industrys determination




organizers. : Han Yue headquarters


important speech: light is on, Miss Zhou


his host: Tu Mei-generation


participants: Han Yue core cadres, cadres and core office


a total attendance of 20 people


the meeting, addressed by the Han Yue, general manager Fang Yongjun: Guangzhou office colleagues we worked hard, this is a very unusual year, the traditional marketing model of competition advantage has not awe-inspiring, we are determined to do innovators trend; this year, Guangzhou Office shoulders the responsibility is heavy, you are Han Yue new marketing practitioners the new model, the engine is to continue to develop the Korean music forward, analyzed the former. after three quarters of reported data, I am proud to say that "we are going to succeed," we will continue to develop in-depth "There is no excuse, perfect execution" style of work.



   Fu Liang, general manager

Guangzhou Office said: sharing model in practice in the operation of the Guangdong market in the first three quarters, the majority of consumer recognition and achieved very achievements, expand staff size to more than 100 people, expand service to more than 30 sites, channels expand to 10, almost every county-level city has achieved a channel and a service network covering more than 40% of Guangdong water purifier market, can help achieve all this headquarters Rotary contributed; this mode is disruptive new model of water purifier, in order to bring the selection and purchase new experience for users to solve the problem of drinking water purification difficult; in addition, as sharing mode requires a relatively high quality, technical difficulty of relatively large, it can be expected in the future, the advantages of our products and influence still exists, but we need to meet the rapid extinctionWho demand fees, upgrade the product on a more technical level, in particular, can be achieved free installation, which will be discussed in our core direction.


Guangzhou Office Miss Zhou, director of marketing, said: sharing mode allows users no longer need to buy expensive water purifier, simply recharge by traffic or time billing, is very consistent with the current stage of development, particularly in shared success bicycle, which vary to some extent on the consumer structure, so our marketing staff in the recommended products to the users time was quite easy to accept; in addition, as convenient sharing service owned water machine, free replacement filter and prices benefits and other characteristics, once again campaign, once detonated the market, because of lack of stocking, leading to an uproar virtual site users.




when it comes to development pipeline, Fu Liang, general manager of Guangzhou Office, said: Sharing Mode investment advantage is mainly reflected in the market value of the mode of operation is very large, 2, agents can quickly recover the cost of the first period, the manufacturers do not participate in the initial profit-dealers, agents until cost recovery; 1, the user is willing to spend a little experience goods and services: short-term operational value in this mode is mainly reflected in two aspects He began profit-sharing; long-term operational value is mainly reflected in the increase user stickiness, easy to form capital appreciation; users are willing to spend a little to experience the product, because todays theme is "healthy"; the first phase of rapid cost recovery agents, is since the first batch of product manufacturers do not participate in profit-sharing, and even the manufacturers operational costs, accompanied by agents joined the co-development of coexistence; enhance user stickiness, because the products meet the flexible, convenient, efficient and convenient.


when it comes to products, due to the use of the product becomes more flexible and convenient way, so in this mode, you just need to have a smart phone, will be able to realize the full functionality of the need to use, including: filter life real-time alerts, real-time water quality monitoring shows that a key rinse, a key installation application, remote control / switch, water consumption statistics, able to satisfy user fragmentation of the market scene; so long as we seize the consumer psychology and market-oriented product development based on user needs, then sell the product to worry about; feedback through these quarters, free installation might be a future trend.

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