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How much money does the water purifier agent need

  How much money does it take to join the water purifier industry now? Do you have any investment experience to do well in water purification? Is there any good suggestion or investment plan for reference? For the first time to invest in water purifiers to join friends, more or less will have some concerns about whether the funds are in place, investment risk is not high, profit is not big, etc. This can be analyzed according to its own situation and strength. In the early stage, less investment can be made, and then more investment can be made after a little harvest. Here, Zhigao water purifier marketing experts suggest that you recognize two points: 1. Any investment is risky; 2. The level of investment risk. As far as the water purifier business is concerned, the investment risk is very low. There are two reasons: 1. The high degree of water pollution in China; 2. The large market demand for domestic water purifiers. Looking at the whole water purifier market in China, the overall situation is of great investment potential. Considering the concerns of many investors on the water purifier agent business, Zhigao water purifier launched a new model of intelligent cloud water machine in 2017. Intelligent cloud water machine is the perfect combination of IOT (Internet of things technology) and cloud big data service technology, a new generation of intelligent water purifier of Internet of things. However, at present, many people have doubts about Zhiyun water purifier, believing that it is only the hype of water purifier manufacturers in concept, and there is no real product. If they really understand that the essence of intelligent cloud water machine is "Internet of things intelligent cloud technology water purifier", they will certainly abandon the prejudice and leave the traditional water purifier behind and choose intelligent cloud water machine. Different from the rental shared water purifier advocated on the market, Zhiyun water purifier adopts app control, intelligent IOT, real-time remote monitoring of the use status and water quality of the machine through mobile phones, with advanced functions such as one key reset of filter element, filter element replacement, fault reminder, etc. It adopts hidden design, structural innovation, integrated forming, reduces the use of joints, and effectively avoids the phenomenon of water channeling, blocking and water leakage of traditional waterways.

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