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to buy water purifier is not expensive enough, cheap on benefits. To buy water purifier according to the local water source type, quality performance, confirm the type and purification capacity, demand to buy cost-effective products. So how good faucet water filter faucet water purifier which brand to buy

   First, the factors faucet water filter life to be considered

   We also have a general life expectancy for different filter materials understanding. PP cotton life usually between three to five months. Lump charcoal, charcoal wash their great experience in life is about six months. RO reverse osmosis large experience in about two years. Central water purifier filter life experience in a large five to fifteen years, its specific life or to decide how much each family according to the water quality as well as water consumption.



   Second, tap selection purifier brand purchase points

   must recognize the importance of the quality of the product the user purchases the water purifier. Production of water purifier manufacturers must obtain a health permit higher health supervision departments through technical supervision departments identified, in line with "drinking water health standards" countries. The end of 2006, the Ministry of Health in conjunction with relevant departments to complete the revision of the 1985 edition of "drinking water health standards", and officially promulgated the new version of "drinking water health standards" provisions from July 1, 2012 fully implemented.



   Third, the faucet water filter can not be blind chaos wash

   First, lets look at how the water purifier is suitable for themselves. Tubular filter cartridge, which is mainly PP cotton, as well as activated carbon block, ceramic, and there are several exchange resin or the like is employed. Wherein the ceramic core may use a toothbrush to clean water as well as a method of brushing. When exchange resin may be regenerated with saturated brine, then ultrafiltration may be operated by the backwash flushing approach.

   Fourth, use environmentally-friendly materials

   Ceramic filter: an environmentally-stage filter, the main raw materials in the mud celite, celite is recognized worldwide as the most efficient solid-liquid separation medium, the clouds of about 0.3 micron Millipore celite, the celite superfine by extrusion, is formed about 10mm thick high temperature sintering ceramic diatoms, 1000 corresponds to the formation of a plurality of layers constituting the ultrafine celite a pore size of 0.3 micronsFilter, the tap water more than 99% by volume greater than 0.3 microns bacteria and harmful substances in the ceramic spacer layer, so as to achieve water purification. Ceramic filter can repeatedly use clean brush, scrub normal times can be 20-28 times, no secondary pollution, water volume, the filter can be used generally 10-12 months, a good use 3--5 years or even longer.

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