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Refusal appearance confused, wary of water purifier brand jo

   a persons eyes again bright, they are subject to the limitations angle. One can not see how far the second is not to see how wide the third is not to see how deep the four can not see the back of the brain.

   Thus, everything the eye can see, often just a tip of the iceberg appearance, only heart is steadfast, it is less susceptible to the appearance of deception and confusion.

   just joined the agency as a water purifier, when the many, many losses eat and understand some of the truth.

   The following small series and take a look, join the scam water industry exist!



   to join the common scam

   01, confirmed fraud force

   brand water purifier to join the investigation of the most important qualification than wading health this document. Currently, there are more than 4,000 home water purifier brand, while less than 1/5 wading documents relating to the brand, so a large number of manufacturers has taken a variety of fake qualification documents.

   Xiao Bian here to remind you to join the partnership to study water purifier brand must be verified whether it has the qualifications, honors, patents.

   02, junk earn huge profits

   These water purifiers to join the manufacturers generally only do one-shot deal, for the purpose of misappropriating fast. Have never been expected to be able to pick up water purification agents to join again, a pit with a count, whether it is research and development, technology, production processes are still perfunctory.

   Most of them do not own manufacturing plants, all products commissioned a number of cottage factory OEM. And for lower cost considerations, regardless of the filter or die, we have chosen shoddy inferior. Although the price of their products agents seemingly not high, but because the production cost is very low, actually pocketed the profits.

   03 sets of fake brand aura

   on the market, some so-called well-known brands are in fact out of the package, not a production workshop, two did not technology research and development, capital only under the campaign trail, attract investors moths to a flame. Like this alone touted own shoddy products, apparently only fool the laymans water purification agents to join.

   04, low prices to attract Bo eye

   according to common sense, since crooks water purifier manufacturers to join with so many thoughts, so many original capital investment, agents that they sell products, priceGrid should be very high, right? If you think you really underestimate their IQ! They will attract agents to join through low-cost water purifier, various "curved around", low prices, quality can not be guaranteed.

   05, policy support does not fall

   cottage water purifier brand in order to attract investors to join, always in cooperation before, his agency policy boast hype. Until last franchisee is said to head dizzy finally put pen to paper to sign only to find that the manufacturers say that does not appear in the contract, and all welfare policies, but also are a joke alluded to before.

   Some brands use water purification agents to join eager to get rich psychological, blinded group after group of agents to join into the water industry.

   above the industry to join the scam, hope to attract agents to join their vigilance, must polish his eyes in the study water purification project, to avoid the tragedy.

   joined Precautions

   That being the case, how do we identify water purifiers to join the scam it? Note the following!

   1, using the network search purifier joined manufacturer name, to understand the situation;

   2, manufacturers understand water purifier to join at least two or more physical store location, to examine whether there is a separate production workshop;

   3 for water purifier manufacturers to join the support is comprehensive in place, whether to give support to have the ability to implement and put into practice;

   4 for water purifier manufacturers to join product quality, price is advantage, quality is a prerequisite, the price should have a certain advantage;

   5, to understand water purifier manufacturers to join whether rich product range, whether the focus on innovation, whether brand core competitiveness; [ 123]

   6, observe factory service is perfect, whether treated water purifier after-sales agents to join a serious and responsible;

   7, emphasis on the project initial fee, registration time, usually not less than 2 years .


   water purifier to join the wrong choice will be down the drain, be sure to read the water purifier to join in doing serious!

   (Source: Hansi Dun water purifier public number, invasion deleted)

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