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Water filtering cup wa purifi to buy supplies is not expensi




Open Baidu search of water pollution in the relevant information at the latest, we should be able to see a variety of news reports about the pollution of drinking water, but most of these news events seem to not as we know it. And PM2.5 is "obvious" different, water pollution and do not show too intuitive, unless caused by water color or temperature changes will only be perceived by residents, water purification equipment and therefore attention seems to be much lower than the air-cleaning equipment .


water pollution risks will extend from the source to the residents of the home


do not know that you ever thought to install a water purification system for the home, if there is a similar idea for an overview of water purification equipment still essential. Never heard of a variety of unfamiliar terms Fan Yun estimated that let you see, this little science on the classification and application of environmental water purifier is to help you sort out ideas exist, perhaps watching how much you can know what kind of equipment is more suitable themselves.


In the current mainstream drainage cup of water purification equipment, water purification drinking fountains, water purifiers and water ultrafiltration machine-based, two prior to use and easy to install a low degree of difficulty is the biggest selling point, the two closer to our imagination water purification equipment, water systems purify them into the room through the domestic water connection.


easy to use but limited water purifier filtration properties


drainage cup


Advantages: no need to install, simple to use, portable


is less than: filter replacement more frequent filter structure is relatively simple


suitable environment: the office or at home better water quality in the region


buy recommendation: water treatment cup is not expensive, is the pit supplies, pay attention to filter replacement cycle We have replacement costs. Also look at comments, concerns a seamless toner phenomenon


and almost kettle with filtered water filtering cup


If you do not want to rent out or waterway structural changes in the home, the filter kettle may be minimum initial investment cost of the water purification equipment. It is similar to a water container, water purification filter is mounted inside in order to achieve the purpose of filtering. In the main drainage cup filter such as activated carbon-based composite materials, can be filtered chlorine, scale, adsorption of particulate impurities.


because of the limitation of the filter structure, it is recommended not better water quality and other heavy areas purchase, if the complex chemical elements in water, onlyActivated carbon filter relying limited accuracy difficult to purify drinking water standards of health.


Formula drinking water purification


Advantages: no modification of the water, can drink straight


is less: more frequent filter replacement, a relatively simple filter structure


Suitable environment: better water quality in the area of 鈥嬧€媐amily


buy recommendations: Check whether the filter replacement reminders, filter system, whether economic, convenient water whether other factors, select the ultrafiltration membrane water purification drinking fountains as possible


clean water for drinking fountains structure


To date perhaps drinking to become one of the essential electrical appliances to millions of households, however, this recycling buckets and a lack of regular maintenance of equipment did unhealthy, so before the water through a layer of filter will be more secure, so they can be understood as adding clean water dispenser modules.


compared to the drainage cup, drinking fountains larger volume of water purification cartridge can hold more perfect structure, even some models built filtration accuracy of 0.01 micron membrane, water softening, filtration chlorine , rust, heavy metals and even bacteria microbes are not the problem, but also for the ultrafiltration structure we save water, minerals and trace elements, beneficial elements will not sophisticated filtering and the overall level of filtration. Inside the


The filtering structure dispenser


water dispenser and drinking water purification as water heating function is provided, but it is not later pure water, municipal drinking water can be used at home, and filtered achieve direct drinking levels. With different water purifier, purifier water dispenser cartridge is a one-piece design, so long replacement cycle of ultrafiltration (UF) to take care of filter replacement cycle strained structure such as activated carbon, its maintenance cost than water purification machine higher.


Since a larger area, kW heating power level and limited storage capacity and other factors, it is not filtered water dispenser bottle as taken for companies to use.


Simple purification equipment:


Advantages: small footprint, simple installation


is less than: filtering the limited capacity


Suitable environment: better water quality area home


buy recommendations: pay attention to the price of filter supplies, pay attention to fit faucet with water purifier


net tap small province


In a simple net tap water purification equipment and machine-based water purification stage, they have limited filtration accuracy, it is not the mainstream. Net tap often using cotton + PP structure of activated carbon, filtered and limited range of visible suspended solids, chlorine and the like, their maximum advantage of easy installation, generally can install, and small footprint, more suitable for short-term use rental users. According to User Reviews of view, net tap to replace the filter more frequently, the cost is not low. Main


The following is the water purifier


In fact, we often say that the type of water purification equipment ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis refers to the type of water purification machines, install them similar, but the cartridge filter class distinction. Filter water purifier is the core, which determines the accuracy of the water purifier filter to filter performance point of view than reverse osmosis water purifier ultrafiltration water purifier confidential, but that does not mean the reverse osmosis type for everyone.


reverse osmosis water purification (water) equipment:


Advantages: output pure water, drink straight, the highest purity water, heavy metals can be effectively filter


drawbacks: less water, waste water and more pressing needs electricity, the high cost (multi wastewater, late replacement filter high cost), the large area


suitable environment: a large space under the kitchen, with power installation environment; high heavy metal pollution of drinking water, water quality rigid region;


Buy recommendations: contrast RO membrane brand (Dow membrane highest reputation), compare before buying the water flow / waste water ratio and other parameters, no heavy metal contaminated areas do not be too pursuit of reverse osmosis water purification effect


ultrafiltration water purifier Description:


advantages: can drink straight water, retain beneficial minerals in the water, water volume, low-cost


disadvantages: heavy metal can not be filtered, secondary pollution risks, no softener results


suitable environment: heavy metal pollution of water is preferably small area


optional suggestions: comparison filtering accuracy, filter life, industrialized areas are not recommended


ultrafiltration water purifier installation simpler and less demand on the environment


ultrafiltration water purification machines can be seen as a simplified version of the reverse osmosis type the structure and level of purification cartridges have a gap. Their ability to 0.01 micron filter, membrane filter accuracy difference is large, note that when the optional officialThe data. Ultrafiltration water purifier can filter out sediment, chlorine and bacteria in water and some germs, but you can not remove heavy metal ions in water, and therefore industrialized areas is not recommended.


UF water purifier partially single-stage membrane filtration, the amount of water close to the water. This type of water purifier filter service life ranging from post-maintenance care can cost the user a comprehensive comparison of filter life and price. General ultrafiltration water purifiers are equipped with automatic decontamination function, the proposed purchase internal pressure ultrafiltration membrane products, sewage leaving no secondary pollution characteristics of the water can be avoided.


In fact, not difficult to see from the above answer, reverse osmosis water purifier has the most powerful filtering capabilities. However, the water purifier is a kind of special equipment with support needs of the surrounding environment, and to weigh the environmental performance of these two points we have chosen for this purpose. For the chemical industry developed areas, it is strongly recommended that you use a reverse osmosis water filter, it will filter all harmful elements in water. If you live a better quality of water, ultrafiltration products it is sufficient to use, they will not let the water become weak, and without power drive, use simpler.


If you want a healthy drink water at any time, with filtering dispenser undoubtedly the most appropriate, it is equivalent to the use of ultrafiltration water into the heated water dispenser automatically After filtration, we press the button after You can enjoy a healthy drinking water. As Petty crowd to life of the most demanding, try to put in office a cup of water treatment, drinking fountains, drinking water health hazard, and he will be our filter impurities.

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