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The harm of antibiotics and the usofbiocs Precauons


Recently, the domestic academic journal "Science Bulletin," the paper said Chinas surface water contains 68 kinds of antibiotics, the papers reproduced through the media a lot, a tremendous impact on the people in them. Here, the water is easy to explain to my friends at the harm of antibiotics and how to properly use antibiotics.


harm of antibiotics


1, "three-drug" I believe many of my friends have heard these words, irrational use of antibiotics can cause poisoning, the light cause tinnitus, deafness some easy to damage the liver, kidneys and other antibiotics overdose may even cause neuromuscular impulse conduction block, induced respiratory muscle paralysis, respiratory depression, paralysis, even death.


2, so that bacteria resistant, bacteria-resistant form. Daily life if regular contact with an antibiotic, the body of the bacteria will become resistant to the bacteria, when a disease occurs, this antibiotic would significantly reduce the efficacy of the disease.


3, is mainly for bacteria antibiotics work, long-term exposure antibiotic may destroy beneficial bacteria in the human body, affecting the bodys normal life activities, resulting in some aspects of the human body lowered immunity, you can take advantage of the pathogen multiply, causing disease.


4, causing superinfection. Normal human digestive tract, the respiratory tract and of the genitourinary system was host to a variety of bacteria, mutual restraint between these bacteria to maintain a delicate balance. If the intake of antibiotics, it is possible to make this antibiotic-sensitive bacteria inhibited the growth and reproduction, is not sensitive bacteria flourish, producing new infections, that dual infection. This is due to infection caused by the overuse of antibiotics, treatment is more difficult.


5, antibiotics for people with allergies is a disaster, and now social people with allergies more and more contact with life, not unrelated antibiotics, some time ago there are people with allergies to environmental allergens under foreign and the more the drug is not the case.


the use of antibiotics Notes 1, do not take antibiotics and antipyretics as casual use, not all fever is caused by a bacterial infection, antibiotics only effect of bacterial infection. Common colds are caused by viruses, generally taking the anti-inflammatory drug can be resolved, you do not need to take antibiotics.


2, the more the better the efficacy of antibiotics, manyPatients using common antibiotics twelve days to see no significant improvement requires doctors use other antibiotics update or increase the use of other antibiotics. In fact, the efficacy of antibiotics play takes three to five days is the principle of the use of antibiotics can lower would not have advanced, with one would not have two kinds.


3, there are friends that the better efficacy of antibiotics newer more expensive, in fact, each of these antibiotics for different bacteria, only with antibiotics in order to play the best results.


4, taking antibiotics without the law, serious condition when the amount of medication on time, in remission after taking the amount of time you can not press. Antibiotics work by concentration is contained in the blood when a low concentration, not only can not completely kill the bacteria, but will make bacterial resistance.


5, some people think caution is wise, there is a little problem taking antibiotics that can prevent diseases. In fact not only can not prevent such abuse, it will cause adverse reactions. If you can not clear pathogenic bacteria, targeted use of antibiotics not only will not receive a good effect, but also may delay treatment and rescue time.


6, the same dosage for adults and children, and some adults like to take the drug dosage for adults by adults to children to take. However, some antibiotics to bone growth and development will dampen, adults can use, but the kids absolutely can not eat.


and the use of antibiotics hazard precautions described here, ask a friend to note that seemingly small details of life does not matter, but health is on life bit by bit built up, bless my friends have a healthy body. Water easily


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