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Worsening water pollution water purifis to joinromisg!_1

  Worsening water pollution water purifiers to join promising!

   Author: Ma Ying-jeou

   2020-05-12 Source: Original Springs to

   my country in recent years, the size of the water pollution accidents in 1700 were from. Only during 2012-2013, took place in Guangxi Longjiang cadmium pollution, Shanxi Changzhi aniline leakage caused by river pollution, Kunming Xiaojiang "Milk River" event, Xinxiang "Red River" event, Guangxi Kae water pollution incident, Beijing Miyun Reservoir upstream garbage landfill threaten water quality and other major water pollution incident. It is estimated that the current total amount of water pollution must be reduced by 30% -50%, a fundamental shift in the water environment will occur. worsening water pollution water purifiers to join promising! In two sessions, the CPPCC National Committee cow Ru pole provided by a string of "water bill", the water pollution of the seven major river systems reach more than half, 35 major lakes about 20 heavily polluted, severely more than 90% of urban water pollution, 50 water% above the town does not meet drinking water standards; most of our water unilateral GDP output is only 1/3 of the world average utilization coefficient of agricultural irrigation water is only 0.4, less than half the level of developed countries, while the yuan industrial added value water consumption is as high as 116 cubic meters, is 2-3 times that of developed countries. Exacerbate water pollution problem further stimulating the demand of the people for water purifiers, water purification and further stimulating the market. Industry insiders said recently that the water purification market has great potential, he expects, will be an annual output of household water purifiers 45% growth rate, my countrys household water purification industry will enter a golden period of rapid development. Currently, water purifiers gave birth to one hundred billion yuan of domestic market penetration is only 2%, is expected to yield a water purifier at a rate of 45% annual growth, my countrys household water purification industry has entered a golden period of rapid development. Industry analysts believe that the water purifier is the appliance industry last piece of cake, will form the next five years or nearly 400 billion yuan market scale. Water purifiers to join the cause is very market can be said that each family just to be, the countrys health industry. The main role of the home water purifier filter tap water impurities are removed heterochromatic odor and improve color turbidity and the like. The basic principle is generally water purifier by a pre-straining, adsorption, fine filtration (ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis) 3 parts and the like. Wherein the coarse filter is generally large particulate impurities PP cotton filtered water adsorption and fine filter is the use of activated carbon adsorption function, the barrier effect of the removal of organic compounds in water filter, heterochromatic odor. Household water purifier has gradually households. want to get into the water purification industry, like the great work, can join the water purifier industry, spring water purifier is a water purifier to join the agencys top ten brands, 23 years of professional water purification, water purification industry leading enterprises, Liu Tao endorsements, very strong, a warm welcome to join people of insight to visit!

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