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Water purification industry in the subversioof the Intnet us

   compared to the competition has become increasingly fierce TV and mobile phone industry, water purifier market is precisely the transformation of a huge space for the vast blue ocean. Therefore, many Internet companies have started to enter the water purifier market.


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   data show that in recent years our drinking water pollution problems are frequent, resulting in people drinking water safety awareness has increased, pushing up household water purification equipment market growing fast. However good and bad quality, industry standards, such as the lack of clean water is the market has long been flawed. Therefore, the industry generally believes that with the Internet companies into the office, water purification industry will usher in a major reshuffle.

   While Internet companies in recent years, frequently upset the traditional consumer electronics market, but with the addition of Internet companies, on the other hand also contributed to the process of intelligent home appliances.

   Therefore, the industry generally believe that, with the development of Internet companies to join, as well as traditional manufacturers of water purification, water purifier market will gradually move towards the "Internet +" era.

   It is understood that there are already a lot of water purifiers water purification equipment vendors committed to developing intelligent technology.

   where the phone APP intelligent monitoring water quality and flow as the water purification industrys flagship assistive technology to gain consumer market.

   In addition, the integrated card access filter will also serve as the main technology to enhance the quality of service, reduce customer service depends on the extent of the terminal to attract the consumer market.

   Now the water purifier market prevailing rampant cottage, uneven quality and so on. With the intensification of competition and the next, part of the small firms will face integration and reshuffle.

   In this regard, the industry generally believe that home water purifier market has entered a period of rapid growth. Under the influence of the Internet, the user needs to become the key to victory brand products, product quality will remain the core element of the user to select products, driven by excellent brand, the future home water purifier market will enter the "Internet +" new era.

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