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There is no need to install a water purifi- These problems m

  There is no need to install a water purifier? These issues must first figure out http: //www.js.hc360.com2020骞?at 09:54 on June 10 Source: Quick News T


   HC Network recently heavy rain fell across the water purifier, a lot of friends Tucao home faucet out of the water and sometimes yellow, red, and even the smell of disinfectant ecstasy, and no matter how turn on the water, the water still has not become clear, the face of this muddy water, even to make do with the heart should also diaphragm. For such water, I really seriously thought about it?


   In fact, tap water after the water treatment plant is in line with national standards, in addition to containing chlorine, the basic does not contain other substances. But in the way of transport to every household, because the pipeline fell into disrepair produced different degrees of pollution, for which sometimes seems clear tap water and did not imagine so simple.

   Many people believe that water will boil everything will be fine, but in fact does not bring the high temperature to remove heavy metals in the water, boil water for a long time to boil water used for this purpose Hudi there is always thick layer of scale, while drinking excellent water, there is a danger may cause stones.

   At this time was also expressed to drink bottled water just fine. But in fact the pitfalls of bottled water than tap water not less, first source of uncertainty, if not drinking as soon as possible in addition, the amount of bacteria in bottled water will be far greater than the amount of tap water, bottled water is not safe drinking water for this purpose the best choice.

   So in the face of the premise there are many security risks of tap water and bottled water to drink to the health of what to do to clean safe water it? Many people said the installation of water purifiers have protection, but faced with an array of water purification products on the market, in the end how to choose?

   prefilter first line of defense of domestic water, water pipes installed in the front end, and the precipitated impurities can intercept bacteria, microbes and other particulate impurities to produce pipeline can be well protected to give the home appliances wading ,Extended service life.

   Central whole house water purifier mainly installed in the main water inlet pipe, the higher the purification process, not only a large amount of filtering, and more accurate, harmful substances can be filtered water, but the need to install special reserved the space and the price relative to other water purifiers will be more expensive.

   POU are common in the market UF water purification,Reverse osmosis water purifiers and water softeners, etc., installed in the terminal tap water, the water will be pre-filters and filtered again, not an area having a small size, easy installation features.

   for heavily polluted industrial city, we want to achieve water to drink straight, then the reverse osmosis water purifier is very appropriate; if the water quality is better, then the UF water purifier water purifier will be able to meet the needs of the family. Also, if required to have a water purification effect, then the water purifier purifying effect, ultrafiltration

   Read the above content is not also think that a family is not necessary to install a water purifier it? It is also how to buy water purifiers and worry about it? But after using the water purifier, remember that in addition to regularly replace the filter, we also need to maintain it regularly, so that the use of long-lasting oh


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