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PC plastic cups of boiling water it can hold


   A lot of people like to drink hot water, even in the colder winter weather, drink hot water not only can enhance the bodys metabolic capacity, but also make the body feel more warm, PC plastic cups of boiling water it can hold, knowledge the library has a professional analysis.




plastic cups can be said of us familiar things, whether it is alcohol in restaurants, or water will be used in plastic cups at home. Which safest drinking cups, has become the heart of many people, most people like to use glass, ceramic cups and some people like to use, but no matter what kind of cup, if the quality of customs, however, are likely to cause the body harm, so we usually have to know more about the family drinking little knowledge in order to make the body more healthy.


As the plastic cup appearance, impact durability, many families use plastic cups, especially to infants and young children drink plenty of water use, we can not say that this approach is not correct, the premise is that we must cross the border to buy quality plastic cup, PC plastic cups of boiling water it can hold? plastic cups though changing shape and anti-beat, but the plastic itself has a lot of potential safety problems, it is best not used to hold hot water, toxic substances when exposed to heat to the water to prevent dilution.


PC material itself non-toxic, but it contains bisphenol A, if when the temperature is likely to be released, this time is poisonous, PC residual bisphenol A, the higher the temperature, the more release more, the faster the speed, especially the bottom inner cup triangle labeled "7" in plastic cups, more dangerous. So, PC plastic cups not used to hold hot water, avoid the use of long-term health effects of nerve tissue and internal organs.


PC is a material widely used, especially for the manufacture of multi-cups, bottles, cups space, as long as in the production process, the bisphenol A hundred percent transformed into plastic structure, it represents a complete article no bisphenol A, let alone release. But, if a small amount of bisphenol A did not translate into the plastic structure of the PC, it may be released into the food or drinks.


Xiao Bian remind you that the purchase of PC plastic cups, cup transparent color is not the best, but can not hold hot water use. If there is any break or damaged, it is recommended to stop using, because the plastic surface if there are subtle grooved, are susceptible to bacteria.




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