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Under the opportunities Shu home industry a rich-quick oppor


   a persons life that can be achieved, in theory, only three times, if you did not catch every opportunity, you certainly will be no lifetime wealth. If you catch one chance, you can at least be a middle class.



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   a different trend of the times always bring new wealth opportunities!

   At present, the State Council issued a document to support key development, Ma publicly claim that this is one of the three opportunities to Chinas future riches. The clear light of the domestic industry, a surprising hidden so much a business opportunity? Perhaps now we disagree, but so react when there is no possible chance!

   to promote economic development one of the troika

   of the State Council named focus on the development

   Recently, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council issued "on improving the institutional mechanisms to promote consumption, stimulate further consumer the potential number of opinions "(hereinafter referred to as" opinion ").

   "opinion" clearly, upgrade intelligent, high-end technology, integration of information products, focusing on the development of smart home upgrades to adapt to consumer products and other consumer products, cutting-edge information.

   to promote economic development as one of the "Troika", the consumer significantly prominent role during the economic transition date, trouble will also be concerned about consumer trends unusual.


   The "opinions", is standing in the forefront of consumer trends to predict policy making, but also provide guidance for the next foster new consumption growth points. "Opinions" in the show from the national policy level to the development of smart home-related industries to give greater support, broad prospects for the smart home industry is evident.

   In recent years, the rising spending power of Chinese residents, the growing consumer demand for intelligent products, smart home field is showing explosive situation. With the national policy support, in-depth wisdom of urban construction and improvement is also injected into the driving force for the development of intelligent home networking technology to flourish is to specify the smart home development.


   data show that from the beginning of 2015, the global smart home market will maintain the size of around $ 8 billion per year growth rate. It is expected by the end of 2018,It will reach $ 71 billion. By 2022, that figure will surge to $ 277 billion. The huge size of the market and strong potential for development, attracting many leading technology companies eager to join the smart home industry.

   Ma: smart home is one of

   2019 the most profitable of the three sectors

   Ma retirement after a public speech, said: "In the entrepreneurial process, if we say pressure, I would feel pressure to choose what to do. "because there are too many temptations in this process, each new concept can do a lot of things. Business strategy is not decided what to do, but decided to do nothing.


   In many cases, far greater than the effort choice.

   Ma said that in 2019 the most profitable of the three industries, the storm caught up with is wealth, to allow many of the poor to get rich. The first is the smart home.

   Ma appears, smart home is the performance in the context of things. The home networking technology via various devices together to provide home appliance control, lighting control, curtain control, telephone remote control, indoor and outdoor remote control, burglar alarm, environmental monitoring, HVAC controls, relays and infrared programmable time sequence control.


   compared with ordinary residential, intelligent residential housing not only traditional functions, but also for the construction, network communications, information appliances, automation and other equipment to provide efficient, comfortable, safe, convenient and environmentally friendly living environment.

   concept a lot of people, the "smart home" is the word seems to be very far away from our lives. It only exists in the high-tech exhibition, or show off their wealth to the rich.

   In fact, in recent years, smart home began to enter more and more ordinary families. A complete intelligent system typically includes several major subsystems, such as security, telephony, audio and video, air conditioning and lighting.


   Ma said that the smart phone era is also widely used to make money at home. Many Internet users can easily five-digit income at home within a month or two. Six months of income has been even more accepted by consumers. This time, the era of intelligent, of course, need a secure smart home environment.

   At present smart home market, the consumer marketIt is undoubtedly the highest security systems, including alarm systems, video surveillance and video intercom systems, complete security system.

   These examples more. In recent years, the popularity of smart home is slowly improving. With the continuous influx of Chinese industrial products abroad, with domestic smart home industry competition, propaganda gradually increased, to obtain the corresponding results. The future, Chinas smart home should take the same quality and service routes. Future smart home is very bright. The idea must have the layout as soon as possible!

   their current smart home industry champion

   four forces spared one hundred billion market

   According Preview Industrial Research Institute predicts that by 2018 Chinas smart home market will reach 1800 billion in 2020 will reach 357.6 billion. The global smart home market, in 2021, its size will be 500 billion.


   At present, the smart home industry is mainly divided into Internet companies, terminal manufacturers, operators and video site four forces. Where:

   representatives of Internet companies include BAT, Jingdong, millet, 360, the main layout areas of hardware, software, services and content, specific products are smart TV, smart boxes, smart routers, portable WiFi, etc. profit model is generally hardware sales, data capture, backward flow operations to create the entrance, additional services;

   terminal manufacturers representative enterprises as Haier, Midea, Gree, the main layout areas of hardware, concrete products smart TV, smart home appliances, hardware sales is the main profit model;

   operators, namely mobile, Telecom, China Unicom, the main layout areas of hardware sales, software and content, specific products include smart applications, intelligent router etc., profit model is basically to bring the content service fees;

   video sites on behalf of enterprises, as the music, love Fantastic Art, the main areas of intelligent hardware layout and content, specific products are generally smart TV and TV box, profit model is generally hardware sales and service charges through the content.


   Experts said that things "all things Internet" should not be broken by the vision of "divide and conquer" reality. At the same time, they want to form a multi-party representation, "they all comply with standards." shouldHe said, "uniform standards" for the entire industry, for freedom of choice for consumers also promoted.

   but not easy standardization. Because everybody wants more market share cake, no one wants to establish its own standards prevail. So, to solve the fundamental need to start from the legal and policy level, need more introduction of national standards.

   and the current industry chaos, also indicates that there are more business opportunities waiting excavation!

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