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Supply the basic layout of the frameworko improvewater purif

   First, the water purifier industry market development

   market size

   According to Institute of forward-looking industry, "2017--2022 Chinas domestic water purifier industry market forward planning and investment analysis report "The data show: 2013--2016, Chinas household water purifier sales increased year by year, the growth rate fluctuations, 2016 country home water purifier industry sales income of 20.3 billion yuan, an increase of 40%.


   Chart: 2013--2016 Chinas domestic water purifier market size (Unit: 100 million)

   yield changes

   2012--2016, Chinas household water purifiers production increased year by year, the growth rate has declined, as of 2016, China household water purifiers production was 14.646 million units, up 11.06 percent.



Chart: 2012--2016 Chinas household water purifiers Output and Growth (Unit: million units,%)

   Changes in volume

   [ 123] 2012-2016, Chinas household water purifier sales growth year after year, the growth rate began to decline from 2013, as of 2016, Chinas total water purifier sales of about 14,312,000 units, an increase of 9.53%.


   Chart: 2012--2016 Chinas home water purifier sales and growth (unit: million units,%)


   Second, the water purification industry market prediction

   market size forecast

   there is a big different our home water purification industry product mix with developed countries, the developed countries due to the development of the industry is more mature, Chinas current household water purifiers the penetration rate of 70% relative to the US and European household penetration rate is still very low: about Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, 34%; other cities around 7% -8%; basic rural gaps, indicating that the water purifier market space is still very great. Second, with the gradual increase in domestic consumer awareness of home water purification equipment, household water purifiers domestic product consumption structure will converge with the developed countries that fully protect the health, comfort of home water purifier will gradually become the mainstream consumer, the next few years, domestic net householdWater heater industry will maintain a growth rate of around 20% of rapid growth, in 2022 the market size of about 59.6 billion yuan of household water purifiers.


   Chart: 2017--2022 annual sales volume of Chinese home water purifier market forecast (Unit: 100 million)


   production forecast

   Although bottled water to meet the drinking water needs of the population to some extent, but the real health of drinking water is to use a home water purifier, which can solve the problem of secondary pollution of water quality fundamentally. Household water purifiers of the present technology matures, activated carbon filtration, softening cationic resin, silver ion has germicidal other ways purification market, especially an intercept bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances, while preserving the beneficial elements of the film the use of technology to make water purifiers are more and more consumers.

   in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea water purifier penetration rate of over 70%, while China household water purifiers penetration is still less than 10%, compared with developed countries over a greater distance, the future market outlook bright . Driven by demand, at the current pace of development to conservative estimates, it is expected 2017--2022 Chinas household water purifiers production remained around 10% growth rate, 2022 Chinese household water purifier production is expected to more than 28 million units.


   Chart: 2017--2022 Nian water purifier production and forecast (unit: million units)


   Third, the overall analysis of the contradictions of the development of individual enterprise and the market

   in a previous analysis of the number of water purification companies, we can know, 2014-- 2016, China water purifier stores rose from 1532 to 29,967, up more than 15 multiple times, water purifier sales market size is just up from 8 billion yuan to 20.3 billion yuan. According to market size distribution pattern of each enterprise prior to the store and shop corresponding point of view, nearly 30,000 stores corresponding market size of at least 500 billion yuan.

   over the years by changes in market size point of view, the most conservative estimate, 2021 will be over 50 billion yuan, the water purification industry investors individual business plans have been extended forward at least two years, the moment the main performance of the market situation of supply layout framework has been basically perfect, demand has not yet finishedFull explode. In the next 3 - 5 years time we will focus on the performance of a small amount of incremental business and mass-market sales volume growth.

   IV (attached) as of April 2017 the country divided by the number of provinces and store water purifiers case


   Chart: Up to 2017 April provinces and cities nationwide by the number of stores classified purifier (unit: a)


   (source: prospective net)

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