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   once again usher in the appliance consumption policy blessing. State Council issued the "Circular on Further Improving the views of stable employment" (the "Opinion") pointed out the need to encourage the automotive, appliance, consumer electronics, consumer product updates. Promote green energy-saving appliances consumption, trade and other policies are rolled.

   In response, industry analysts believe that the real estate affected by other factors, the slowdown in consumer appliances. But in policy guidance, there are already signs of improvement, the data show that in October 2019 --11 months, three white negative sales year on year growth is positive twist. In 2020, the "TM" will become the home appliance industry keywords again.



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   repeatedly policy blessing "TM" to keyword

   "opinions" third items mentioned, to tap domestic demand, promote employment, encourage the automotive, appliance, consumer electronics, consumer product updates. In early 2019, 10 departments launched 24 stable consumption, expanding consumption of specific initiatives and explicitly support green, smart appliances sales, and other measures to promote the replacement of household appliances.

   Reporters noted that policy support appliance replacement after another, mainly related to the promotion of intelligent consumer, home appliance trade and promote recycling of used appliances, "green smart", "TM" and a bright spot.

   It is understood that Chinas current family color TV, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and other home appliances to maintain higher levels, the majority of home appliances is the first time during the 2009-2013 implementation of the process of buying, according to life safety appliances, home appliances began to enter this part of the replacement renewal period.

   Data National Household Appliances Industry Information Center show that my countrys home appliance ownership in more than 2.1 billion units.

   Reporters learned that the current high penetration rate of Chinas home appliance market, including air conditioners, refrigerators, color TV and other large appliances market has been basically completed the popularity of every 100 urban rate has more than 100 units. Insiders told reporters, rigid demand updates with the upgrading of the product itself is related to home appliance manufacturers, the product must be supported subversive technology iteration, will form a rigid consumer demand update.

   currently upgrading appliances market, in addition to the normal replacement demand, more of a leadGuide consumers seek higher quality appliances consumer demand. Insiders said that the last round of home appliances in rural areas to improve the penetration rate compared to just meet the demand, and now consumers demand more personalized and diversified. Proposes to extend the product categories, market segments concerned, the policy may lead the market to more new categories, such as small appliances and other innovative segments, constantly updated to meet the needs of consumers.

   agencies next year is relatively optimistic about the appliance section

   "We think 2020 will be home appliances segment relatively good performance." Guangzhou, a private equity fund manager said. She believes that the overall performance of this years home appliances segment more stable, and along with the gradual change in the future market demand, especially white goods performance will be improved. Many broker said the policy front, home appliance trade are expected to stimulate this area focus on money. However, the industry competitive pressure is still large, the head of the enterprise is more obvious.

   At the close on the 25th, A shares of home appliance sector fell 0.37%, underperforming the broader market index, some of the leading companies lower, with Haier wisdom home fell 1.49%, the boss Electric fell 1.30%, Supor and Gree respectively It fell 1.18% and 0.95%. Midea Group 25 edged up 0.21%.

   The private equity fund manager believes that this year in Shanghai and Shenzhen hot consumer stocks in the tech sector and a leader, but by 2020, home appliance sector is expected to stimulate industrial policy. This year, the state accelerate the policy of home appliances and other durable consumer goods and a lot. Data show that consumer appliances are also signs of improvement in the near future. According to Ovid cloud network data, from October to November, air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines all-channel retail sales were up 17.38%, 5.19% and 5.03%, year on year growth twist not only negative is positive and improved compared to the third quarter obvious. Huaxi Securities analyst, said Wang Ling, my countrys domestic market remain mining space, under the policy guidance through product updates to stimulate consumption, the leading home appliance enterprises are expected to further concentration of market share.

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