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Water purifier buying tips to mastthe common senseo undstand

   In this era of rapid development, peoples living standards continue to improve. Because of the pollution problem is getting worse, people pay more attention in terms of drinking water, however, appear on the market water purifier the people aspects of the problem of drinking water has been solved. The water purifier filter is very important. So pay attention when choosing a water purifier what it



   At present water purifier on the market a wide variety, which is more common there are basically three categories:? Reverse osmosis membrane water machine, ultrafiltration membrane water purification, activated carbon filter water machine, among which the reverse osmosis water purifier ultrafiltration and most talked about, how to choose the most appropriate own water purification equipment? does not actually difficult, as long as you master the following points on it.

   understanding of the characteristics of the water purification device

   ultrafiltration membrane is used in water purification membrane filtration techniques. By ultrafiltration technique is a purely physical filtration, the filtration accuracy depends ultrafiltration membrane pore size and pore uniformity, can effectively remove suspended solids, particulates, bacteria, viruses and other macromolecules and colloids in water, and the product water pH unchanged.

   uses a reverse osmosis water filtration reverse osmosis membrane technology to filter out all the elements of water, including beneficial minerals and trace elements, which product water pH value than the pH of the water low, and low water use efficiency, more excluded wastewater.

   Activated carbon is a relatively simple filter filtration apparatus, because it not only has the conventional mechanical filter filtering the suspension, but also some of the contaminants difficult to remove a conventional filter means for removing, comprising deodorant dechlorination 锕?锕?color removal and removal of organic substances 锕?synthetic detergent, a water treatment apparatus is simple.

   understand the quality of raw water

   water quality water for peoples health is very important, but also have a great impact on the water aspect of our lives. In fact, peoples lives are not the same area, around the water quality is not the same, we will have to buy water purifier when to buy their own water purification according to the water quality of life of our region.

   In many places in China, with the pot boil, always lay thick layer of "frost", we call it water base, he said it was because the water is "too hard" : calcium bicarbonate in water, heating the decomposition of carbonateCalcium, and further adhered to the surface of the container.

   Research found that if the person drinking the water hardness is high, easy to produce stones in the body; for human liver function is to break down a variety of synthetic nutrients into the body of nutrients necessary, transported by blood to the heart, and then to transport nutrients to the internal organs and the 60 trillion cells of the heart through the blood vessels. Kidneys are filters, parts of the body from the blood backflow, mixed with a lot of waste and impurities, filtered through the kidneys and out of the body from the urethra. At this time there is often a part of the impurities accumulate in the body over time will result in a variety of stone disease.

   If areas of your life, larger water hardness, water pollution, water more complex components, we recommend that you use reverse osmosis water using reverse osmosis water will not boil water production case "frost" appears; if you live in the area, the source of water well contamination, suggested the use of ultrafiltration drinking fountains; if your water source well as mineral water, only activated carbon filter on the line. Ultrafiltration and activated carbon filter can effectively retain the water should have trace mineral component of the human body, but not the source water quality, hazardous small molecule lysate also reserves the water after filtration.

   the role of water purifier to filter out the water in bad health for our impurities. We hope Through the above description, to have some help to you. How to choose a good water purifier, drinking water has become the key to healthy living.

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