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Shaanxi supply capacity will increase bmore than 14% of thpl

   yesterday, reporters from the provincial government press conference was informed that the province will continue to promote "Thirteen Five" period "Ten water projects" and "Top Ten Eco Water Project" as the focus, enhance perfect "five systems" and strive to the end of "thirteen five" basic water infrastructure padded short board, significantly improve the water environment, water resources effectively break the bottleneck.

   "Thirteen Five" during the proposed "ten water projects."

   reported that the province to build the "Thirteen Five" period "Ten Water Project" were cited Han Ji Wei water diversion, water diversion from the Han Wei transmission and distribution lines, the Jinghe River village water Control Project, the Yellow River ancient Yin water Control Project, the Yellow River in northern Shaanxi water, introduced into the Han Jia, Yan Jiao Hanzhong, Xianyang Pavilion mouth, Bin County Red rock River Reservoir, YUEHE replenishment.

   "Ten water ecological engineering" were Weihe ecological zones, West Ham District Doumen reservoir (Kunming pool), Xian Laohe Meibei lake, Weinan Luyang Lake, Baoji clearance River Reservoir, the Han River, Dan River , Yanhe, comprehensive management of Wuding River, the Yellow River water Conservation coarse sediment source area governance.

   In addition to these landmark projects, is also planning to promote the overall development of urban and rural water supply, flood control and drought mitigation, rural water, soil conservation, water conservancy and hydropower fisheries and other livelihood projects face, planning a total investment of 135 billion yuan. The end of the

   "Thirteen Five" the provinces water supply capacity by more than 14%

   According to the Provincial Water Conservancy Department official said, led by major water conservancy and "Thirteen Five" development of water reform, water infrastructure will accelerate padded short board, effectively break the bottleneck of water resources, enhance water security capabilities, Weihe ecological zones will be built into a national ecological civilization first demonstration areas, industrial and agricultural water efficiency remains at the forefront of the country, to maintain water and soil conservation the countrys leading position in the provinces river systems form the basic framework of the layout, the initial formation of external connectivity, internal circulation, complement each other "ten vertical and four horizontal" off the water network, and strive to make the overall level of development of water conservancy western provinces remain ahead.

   is expected to "Thirteen Five", the provinces water supply capacity of 12 billion cubic meters, an increase of more than 14%; the number of check dam built in 45800, restore flood pool construction 9070, soil erosion control area up to 83,300 square kilometers, a net increase of more than 14.5%; to consolidate and promote water conditions of the rural masses of 11.27 million, an increase of more than 5%; effective irrigation area of 鈥嬧€?000 hectares, an increase of more than 10.7%; WanYuan GDP water consumption and water consumption yuan industrial added value down 20% and 15% respectively compared with 2015.

   province has built reservoir 1092

   statistics show that since the "five-second" to the end of 2016, the province water conservancy investment totaled 146.46 billion yuan. The provinces total completion of the reservoir 1092, a total capacity of 9 billion cubic meters (equivalent to the storage capacity of the reservoir 45 HEIHE); river embankment built 9112 km, of which 3883 km embankment standards; area of 鈥嬧€?300 hectares of irrigation facilities, water conservation irrigation area of 鈥嬧€?275 mu; water conservancy projects in water supply capacity exceeded 10 billion cubic meters; Soil erosion area of 鈥嬧€?3,100 square kilometers; total of 20.62 million rural people to solve the drinking water safety problem; small hydropower installed capacity reached 1.31 million kilowatts, 40 under construction million kilowatts; annual output of aquatic products reached 150,000 tons.

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