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  Well water and cancer relationship? How much water will affect the chances of cancer of thing? Per liter water purifier we will resolve all those things water and cancer today. In fact closely related to water and cancer, US medical scientists Dharma Dean has stated:. "Water structure surrounding normal cells, water molecules arranged neatly, but the water structure surrounding cancer cells, water molecules but disorder and instability" in Korea full Professor Wu Zhi Academy of Sciences said: "the water surrounding normal genetic factors, like protection like very neatly surrounded by genetic factors; and the water surrounding abnormal genetic factors, its structure is quite disorder Therefore, in terms of the protection of genetic factors. water plays an important role, "Japans famous" new water will be "on behalf of Dr. Lin Xiuguang more direct, he said:" not because of cancer caused by disorders of water, but because the water molecules disorder before the formation of cancer. "based on this argument, and he. They were both full professor proposed to improve water quality views can prevent cancer. 鍏冨崌锛氭按鍜岀檶鐥囩殑閭d簺浜? width=

   seen how important it is to improve water quality, our generation often wonder why such a high incidence of cancer, even seemingly healthy young men, and were able to escape the magic hand of cancer, among other things, water Away with the pollution is its responsibility. Research indicates that mortality due to arsenic causes cancer risk value is twenty-one thousandths; part tap water contains human carcinogen and mutagenic substances, and these substances more with chlorinated derivatives "trihalomethanes" relevant. Full American Cancer Society found that drinking chlorinated water the chances of people suffering from bladder cancer is twice that of other people; another medical report raised more frightening figures: long-term drinking or using water disinfected with chlorine, the chance of suffering from bladder cancer It may be as high as nine percent. In addition, "American Journal of Public Health," also pointed out, there are four thousand two hundred bladder cancer, colorectal cancer, and six thousand five hundred cases a year at least, and related chlorinated drinking water.

   This infers contain carcinogenic components poor water quality, the water structure around the disturbance caused the cells to normal cells lost due to water resistance disorders, cancer cells are four high-profile encroaching. Therefore, the drink can be quickly absorbed by the body good drinking water, to give the body plenty of moisture, so that cells achieve the best performance for natural cancer prevention have some help.

   and cancer in order to say goodbye, to come to improve their own quality of drinking water, it may be home to install a home water purifier, with a thousand dollars in exchange for a healthy, how are counted is not cost-effective? per liter water purifiers guarantee the production ofEach water purifiers, are to undergo numerous tests to ensure filtered water clean, healthy and give you a healthy water experience.

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