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The new water purifier uspain point appears to once aga chan

   each year in research and analysis using a pain point for consumers in the PRC, it can be seen, this year users of "groove point" water purification products are as follows:

   First, the volume is too large; [ 123]

   second, do not know the changes in water quality;

   third, do not know the time for the core;

   fourth, the small water;

   fifth, the wastewater not secondary use;

   sixth, multiple wastewater.


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   In the survey two years ago among digital, ranked first is whether the water purification. The second is the high rate of waste water, and then the other. What explanation? Couple of years ago, although there is a very good marketing and product, but consumers are still concerned about whether a clean special purification, but not sure. The second is pure water products to solve the water problem, but the waste water rate is too high. But now it is not the same, you can see wastewater discharged more than a sixth, and water purification has not in the previous six. Now the popularity of these products, so that consumers have a more rational cognition, or higher demand.

   this year, saving space, the greater the amount of water, maintenance reminders, water quality testing, lower than the wastewater and intelligence dimensions, become a propaganda selling water purification products, as well as water purification product development point.

   First, small size, less space

   is limited space in the kitchen, domestic home space more than 70%, 8 m below the kitchen, while the water purifier placed in the cabinet below the location space is small, so the product volume size is very important. Currently, many of the brands main water purification products LWH basically reduced to about 80 to 100 cm, after saving space, the consumer is likely to be put into the cabinet, it will be selected. Such as the length and breadth Angel Angel A6 and A6pro new products, the main products on the market and there is a big difference. It dropped from 248mm to 166mm, which is significant progress. Other products LWH there was a marked trend.

   Second, to solve the pain points of small water problem

   solved the problem of continuous water to solve the problem of water use experience. Compared with the same period last year, the market position has changed. 50 gallons of water out of the product from 35% last year to 26% this year, while last years 400 gallons 34.6%This year has risen to 41.5%, a large amount of flux products from the body in terms of the market has become a star. In particular 500 gallons, 600 gallons and so on, we can see a substantial increase in the proportion of sales and marketing. Big market flux, Angel growth industry first. In the flux of products which, from 1 to the size of the market grew 55% in July. Other brands in this respect are the gains, but Angel grew 144.3%, increase in large flux among the most significant market.

   Third, concern about wastewater than

   wastewater from second place down to sixth place, because the product is gradually dispel the concerns of consumers, used to be 1: 3, and later 1: 2, and now the market which accounted for a large share of the overall ratio is 1: 1, more than 50%. 1.5: 1 or more products is also less, but you can see, this is a very significant difference, 28.6% up to 35.6%. Of course there are several other options, such as waste water do not run to waste, you can change he used to do, this is the direction of new solutions.

   and a minutia is muted. Silent about the product, the state requirement of 65 dB, the industry which is the main star models at 40 decibels. In August Angel new products tested, the decibels down to 34.8. Even the best product choice for consumers also need to buy. Consumers make a purchase decision at the time, as the mute function than the product complained of second function of a selling point in first place, is very important. In addition to the volume of water purification products, water production and purification, to attract the consumers silence is the most intuitive feelings.

   There is also a topic is intelligent

   in which the consumer pain point for changes in water quality actually very tangled, water purification products is to have clean water to drink. But if the water purifier itself is not clean, it can not purify water that is spent the money into the drinking water of poison, of course, does not make sense. Now various sensing equipment, testing equipment, the transmission device provides a support large data cloud. Combining all the data, so that consumers can clearly and simply use the product. Because intelligent expression product is a comprehensive, consumer attention to these aspects are clearly plays a good technical support and direction. Intelligent products market share rose from 5.4% to 8.9% is evident.

   Source: Modern home network

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