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PH of water is not a good measure of indicators


Nongfu Spring and Huarun Yi Bao pH of the water due to the detection of confrontation again, both of you come to me triggered a new round of "water wars." Then, pH is a measure of good indicators of water it?


Nongfu Spring and Cestbon this "war" due to last year. Last March, farmer spring in Guangzhou promotional activities, Nongfu Spring show weak alkaline drinking water to their customers, while Yi Bao drinking water is a weak acid. This approach, led Cestbon complaints. Guangzhou City Industry and Commerce Bureau fined 100,000 yuan for the farmer spring, followed by the farmer spring appeal.


August 14 this year, losing the first instance verdict farmer spring. But Nongfushangquan not convinced, he said in the official microblogging "many institutions and scholars including the World Health Organization pointed out, including: free of mineral elements in drinking water unhealthy practice, does not contain mineral elements in pure water is usually acidic . "


regardless of the biggest names because of what interest have such a dispute, the public is most concerned about is whether the focus of these debates have a scientific basis? PH is a measure of whether a good indicator of water? Are not drink mineral water is really harmful to health?


As we all know, acid and alkaline pH value on the chemical to be expressed, pH = 7 is neutral, pH


Professional Committee of China Association for Quality Inspection of water purification equipment, executive vice president of Gu long biography describes the current drinking water standards around the world.


Gu long legend, "World Health Organization no specific targets for drinking water quality, but additional explanation: low pH corrosive, high pH affect the taste, smell soap, to make the chlorine more effective to preferably pH8 EPA drinking water standards: a water: no specific indicators of water pH value of 6.5-8.5 two EU drinking water standard at a pH of 6.5-9.5 bottles or drums... clean water, pH should be reduced to a minimum 4-5. Japan drinking water quality standards for pH of 5.8-8.6. our drinking water health standards GB5749 pH of 6.5-8.5, GB17323 standards for bottled drinking water pH value of from 5.0 to 7.0. this standard is developed and substantially uniform. "


Gu long pass that, in acidic or alkaline divided by the water quality is not scientific, to meets water quality standards, the extent of contamination of impurities and the water quality is determinedGood or bad.


"In fact, a lot of good natural water is acidic as pH spring Wuming Damingshan Dong Quan Temple is 6.7 light, spring water pH value of Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou Tiger Spring 5.8. and certain natural alkaline water, such as tap water, and Taihu made therefrom, the water quality is not good. "long pass Gu example.


Comparative Experiment Nongfushangquan do show Nongfushangquan drinking weakly basic, and weakly acidic Cestbon. And this conclusion means that slightly acidic water detrimental to human health, the health benefits of alkaline water.


However, "there is no water acidic or basic healthier, more nutritious saying." National food safety risk assessment center Associate Professor Zhong Kai believes that existing national standards for drinking water, drinking water pH requirements value of not less than 6.5 and not higher than 8.5, within this range, the water may be either weakly acidic, it may weakly alkaline. In fact, the constitution of the acid-base theory has long been criticized a number of experts, and by improving food acid-base physique is even more far-fetched.

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