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Which is not to drink water


   some not suitable for drinking water can cause cancer and even lead people killed, then what can not drink the water?




Water is the source of life, can promote metabolism, help the body detox. But wrong to drink water but will damage the health. Some not suitable for drinking water can cause cancer and even lead people killed, so what we usually drink the water? Which is not to drink the water?


household drinking water Tips:


1, steamer water


Water is steamed buns and other steamer leftover pot of water, especially after several repeated use of the steamer water, nitrite concentration is high. Consumption of a variety of such water, or water boiled rice this will cause nitrite poisoning. Scale often enter the body with water, can also cause digestive, nervous, urinary and hematopoietic system diseases, and even cause premature aging.


2, aging the water


commonly known as "dead", i.e. prolonged storage immobile water. Often drink this water, for minors, make cell metabolism slowed down, affecting their growth and development. The elderly will be accelerated aging.


3, thousands of boiling water


thousands of boiling water on the stove is boiling water overnight or for a long time, as well as electric water heater repeatedly boiled water and used repeatedly steamer water . This water too long due cooked, water, non-volatile substances, heavy metals such as high calcium and magnesium content and nitrite. For a long time to drink this water will cause nitrite poisoning.


4, no boiling water


people to drink tap water, are treated with chlorination sterilization. Chlorine-treated water 13 kinds of harmful substances can be isolated, wherein the halogenated hydrocarbon, chloroform carcinogenic, teratogenic effects. Experts point out that not drink boiled water, suffering from bladder cancer, colorectal cancer is the possibility of an increase of 21% -38%. When the temperature reached 100 deg.] C, with harmful substances will evaporate and the vapor is greatly reduced, such as boiling is continued for 3 minutes, then safe to drink.


remind you: the kind of daily drink too much, we must not drink more can not drink water, drink healthy water. In addition you want to learn more knowledge of small household drinking water may be concerned about this website to learn.




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