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Victor purifier- how to distinguish quality home

   Chinas vast territory, the water quality of each place is different, and even the provinces north and south, there will be a big difference. Today small teach you common general ways:

   1, Wang: "look", was observed with the naked eye, a transparent glass may be filled with a glass of water from the faucet home port, the precipitate three hours , and a precipitate was observed whether or bottom of the cup, if any, impurities in the water suspension described too.


   2, smell: "news" is to use nose to feel the smell of water, most of my countrys current water disinfection using chlorine, chlorine if exceeded will have, a very pungent odor.

   3, try: "taste", of course, is about to try to drink, method: hot drinking water, whether there is bleach (chlorine) taste, if you can smell bleach (chlorine), indicating water in excessive chlorine! you must use a water filter for a terminal treatment.

   4, view: "view" is not the same with the look, some concept is to observe the water situation, the method in a certain time:? With tap water to make tea, whether black tea after overnight observation if black tea, DESCRIPTION tap water containing iron, manganese seriously overweight, with a terminal treatment should be used in addition to iron, manganese water purifier filter.

   5, the product: "product" product water is like tea, too hard to understand, method: pour a glass of water, boiled water taste, taste Sese feeling whether and if so, explain the hardness of water? too high.

   6, check: "inspection" is to check the home water heater, kettle, whether the inner wall of the junction layer of yellow dirt some of the water storage containers if hard water at home will be scaling, which is what we? often said that the "scale."

   Victor RO reverse osmosis membrane water purification automatic cleaning system: use of vacuum infiltration principle, will become dissolved contaminant dirt, loose, falling off, removed to restore the water flux, extend its service life, without additives, toxic by-products, without manual operations, water Mao power consumption is minimal, since the washing time set on demand.


   intelligent protection system: automatic water stop pressure relief, automatically turn off the water leakage. Leak-proof, leak rule double insurance. Victor waste water purification water purification automatic control system: a reasonable distribution ratio inside pure water purifier waste, avoid the waste of raw water, effectively improving the life of the reverse osmosis membrane. High-end water purification products, to bring a healthy water environment, water purification market, with a good reputationGet peoples favorite. Victor clean water, insist that everyone drink safe water.

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