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  Principles of water purifiers workers: Tim net water purification Views: 356 Published: 2017-8-30 10:28:50 comfortable home water purifier as part of both environmental health products, but also a life essential products. Do not refuse to talk to you about the health of friends. As a water purifier worker, salesman, in introducing water purification products to customers, should abide by the following principles. 1, do not sell, you buy confidence, do not believe do not buy. I made rounds a day, just want to tell my friends: I have been doing clean water. 2. Do not exaggerate, water purification how good. Consult me, I will be all you know, choose the most suitable water purifier for you, you consider the safety of drinking water for themselves and their families, the premise is that you trust. 3. Do not sell strong, valuable friendships, 涓旇涓旂弽鎯? Intention to treat a friend, worthy of conscience 4 always remember:!.! Integrity of first refusal Fudge did not forget the early heart side was always!!!

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