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Sanya strengthen the managemt of water resources to su at pe

   difficult to guarantee the daily water consumption, water security is difficult to ensure that these troubles ...... former villagers now no longer met. Reporters learned from Sanya City Water Authority, the city actively implement the strategy of revitalizing the countryside, deepen rural drinking water project management system reform, rural drinking water constructed and renovated Operations Management implemented simultaneously metering for each household, and strive to achieve by the end of 2020 rural water supply company commissioned operation, management full coverage of urban and rural areas to ensure that people drink safe water. ,


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   a faucet open, clean tap water pouring down homeopathy. Today, Sanya plum village yazhou district, in front of the house every household water flow, "every family home meter reading, water supply network also strengthened routine maintenance, we can drink safe water." Mei Luen Tsuen villagers Deng Jian, said industry .

   Water is the source of life. However, all along, Sanya rural safe drinking water project construction and management of the existence of the reconstruction light tube, built after unattended, water charges arrears without water, no old pipeline management issues, greatly affect peoples production and daily life. To this end, Sanya deepen rural drinking water project management system reform, insisted that the government and market-handed force, issued in late October, "Sanya Municipal Rural Drinking Water entrusted operation management plan", the implementation of public services for rural drinking water projects, standardized construction companies operation and professional management, the implementation of rural village water supply pipe network and home network transformation, the city plans to achieve by the end of 2018 more than 50% of the meter reading to the home villages, rural water supply delegation of business operations by the end of 2020, covering the whole management, enhance water security capabilities. The water sector will also be synchronized water supply facilities for business operations, water quality and safety measures for regular checks, the water supply network leakage rate can not be higher than 12%, the price of rural drinking water supply is insufficient to cover part of the cost will be municipal and district governments 7: 3 ratio subsidies, protection of rural water supply sustainable, safe.

   "The partys report proposes implementation of rural revitalization strategy, and rural drinking water safety is an important livelihood projects comprehensively well-off society decisive phase." Sanya City Water Affairs Bureau Ma Yuhong, said the council will actively implement nineteen spirit, efforts to solve water development unbalanced, uncoordinated and unsustainable problems, and vigorously promote the citys rural drinking water project construction and reform, improve water infrastructure network system, strengthen the management of water resources, as soon as possible so that rural residents to drink clean water, safe water, safe water.

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