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Treatment vertical water dispens leaking to detmine the caus

   diverse styles dispenser, which dispenser is more vertical. If vertical water dispenser there was water leakage, etc. When we how to handle it? Following small for you on the handling leaking.


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The method of processing vertical water dispenser to determine the cause of water leakage (picture from the network)

   a, first find the drinking water leakage position

   because drinking causes more leakage caused by leaking so we have to find a place, so that it can be the right place and then the specific situation specific analysis. So you can easily go against drugged, and will not blind chaos maintenance.

   Second, make sure your connection is not a problem

   Sometimes we might after a water dispenser for cleaning, during assembly due to the lack of expertise results in connection not strong enough, due to loose water leakage occurs; also there is, we bought a new fountain loose connections caused during transport or cracks will result in damage to the emergence of water leakage. When there is some connection configuration soft member, since the time course of aging occurs when excessive force or installation damage during use; there is a special case, it is then placed bottled water during deviation occurs is the cause of drinking water leakage, so be sure to carefully go to the investigation of what those details. These are likely to lead to drinking water leakage.

   Third, the purchase of accessories must be original or all of the same reference data

   After the first thing to do is to find out the problem is not repaired immediately, but whether you want to replace, you need to replace, we must remember that in the purchase of the purchase of the brand consistent with the terms and reference number. This deviation or other reasons will not appear. Because it is a direct drinking water, the product must pass, safe and reliable materials. If the product is found defective buy a different brand back, it is bound to be a bigger problem.

   small problems we can handle on their own to solve, but encountered mechanical failure can not be solved, it is best to ask a professional service personnel.

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