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Teach you how to choose the best mwater purifier brand

   How to choose a home water purification products:

   First, as far as possible and reasonable price: the price is too high, it may not accept, then the price is too low, it is a price of a stock.

   Second, the quality as good: that is, whether technically or from the process must be very strong.

   Third, the possible range type: In many purifier classified as (1) a conventional filter (PP + PP cotton cotton + carbon + carbon ......) 2, unit 3 ultrafiltration, pure water, 4, also known as RO reverse osmosis machine, water softeners and so on.

   Fourth, the style diverse as possible: There are like (1) under the kitchen countertop formula (6) Outdoor formula (2) Wall (3) cup (4) taps of formula (5) (7) pipeline (8) central water treatment systems and the like.

   Fifth, after-sales as good as possible: this would not have said, must be a customer-oriented.

   Sixth, as far as possible the appearance of fine: good functionality, good quality, good appearance is really pretty fellow.

   Seven, the best brand: Brand bought ease.

   Eight, service is very important, no service business is short-sighted, it is difficult to go far. As for terminal services, agents and manufacturers to cooperate, manufacturers need to give some of the agents.

   choose water purifier must be selected according to your water quality! Acidic water in some places, some alkaline, and some of the water is quite rigid, so before selecting a water filter must first understand their own water use; after the water quality problems solved would need to understand the product for the brand, the current water purifier market, there are many manufacturers of aftermarket question is not very valued.

   choose what kind of water purifier, water quality mainly determined by the location of residence, personal water needs, and treatment effect. Currently on the market a wide range of water purifiers, the following will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of your tap water purifier.

   1, water purifier filter: This filter is used in water purifier structure, according to different needs, can be used with different filters, the advantage of relatively inexpensive, high precision filtration (ultra filter comprising of). The disadvantage is that filter life is relatively short (for example PP cotton in 3-5 months of life, the life of the activated carbon in about six months, ultrafiltration life 1--2 years), a small amount of water is only suitable for drinking.

   2, pure water: This water purifier is used in RO reverse osmosis technology, first appeared in the aviation industry in order to solve the drinking water for aviation staff and research and development, the advantage of high precision water (except water molecules, any substance that would go through), the disadvantage is purified water is too pure, lack of trace elements beneficial to humans, the average cup of water to produce 3 cups of wastewater, and must electricity.

   3, ion water machine: by way of electrolysis, electrolysis of water to two kinds of acid water, alkaline water for drinking (human body because the structure is acidic, often drinking alkaline water, the acid may be adjusted base balance, promoting metabolism), for acidic water bath (or for disinfection), through electrolysis, changing the water molecules (the water was changed to 6 molecules of small molecules). This water was first machine is used to make medical devices, for common skin disease have a certain effect. The disadvantage is the high cost, while the pH of the water also depends on the electrolytic plate, need electricity.

   4, magnetized water machine: Advantages: the magnetization, changing the water molecules, but also help the body absorb. Cons: There are gastrointestinal diseases with caution, because the water has a certain magnetic stimulation of the stomach.

   5, the central water purifier: the water purifier is installed on the total feed water at home, are all home water purifier, the advantage of long life filter (shortest has 5 years), the operation convenience, but with a backwash function, you can extend the life of the filter.

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