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Serious water pollution wat purifiguard family health

   recently hit the "Ode to Joy 2" There is such a lens the audience a bit ignorant circle, in the first quarter, Andy drama outset stressed that he only drink water, and jogging every morning on weekdays drink mineral water. The mineral water backing really is not small, is spring mineral water from France, a small town on the water in France, backed by the Alps, close to the Leman, do not touch any surrounding pollution, quietly flowing for 15 years natural mineral water. Such a high water also considered worthy of Andy who set. But to become the second quarter enchant ground gas civilian drinking water, however, which for many years overseas business elite of Wall Street senior Andy, it really you?

   Many people are entangled security Di drinking water from a luxury into a cheap product, but as a small series of water purifiers, see is, are drinking bottled water instead of plain water is not bottled water. Pay attention to healthy drinking water in this area, we should not learn to learn it? You know, we really need our drinking water safety issues seriously, in some places the water environment has been very serious, and pollution of water resources has been seriously!



   the sea water intrusion and intrusion. Salt water intrusion refers to sea water intrusion of freshwater aquifers phenomenon. The main cause of sea salt water intrusion is the excessive exploitation of ground water fresh water. If the over-exploitation of underground fresh water, coastal or island on fresh water - seawater interface can be in an unbalanced state. my countrys northern coastal region, into 80 years, consecutive years of drought, low rainfall, reducing groundwater recharge, but industrial and agricultural water consumption has to be increased, fresh groundwater "make ends meet", resulting in seawater intrusion.

   Industrial Pollution

   Industrial "waste" (waste water, waste) is a major factor groundwater contamination. Industrial waste such as industrial wastewater, industrial pickling sewage, industrial waste smelting, light industry and petrochemical wastewater without organic wastewater treatment and municipal sewers, rivers and lakes or directly into the ditch, big seepage pit, resulting in groundwater chemistry Pollution.

   agricultural pollution

   due to the agricultural activities caused by groundwater pollution sources include soil residual pesticides, fertilizers, animal and plant remains decomposition and irrational sewage irrigation. They cause a large area of 鈥嬧€媠hallow underground water quality deterioration, the most important is the pollution of pesticides and fertilizers.

   domestic pollution

   economy continues to develop, a lot of plastic, metal, batteries and other indigestible new garbage appeared, one side is the lack of infrastructure and regulation, rural sewage, garbage straight row phenomenon more serious . With garbage sun and rain and surface runoff washing, dissolution was slowly into the ground, pollute groundwater.

   As Andy, you can buy high-end drinking water, to avoid the dirty water damage to the body. However, we are just ordinary people ah, the face of such terrible pollution, how should I do? May wish to install a water purifier! Use a water filter, you can filter impurities in drinking water, drinking water reach the standard drink, and lower cost. In addition, water is also possible to effectively remove various types of impurities, such as bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, scale (calcium and magnesium, etc.), volatile substances, rust, sand and the like. To his familys health, to install a water purifier it!

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