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News Week Inventory- China Water Purifier Network Ten hot ne

   concerned about water purification industry trends, inventory Weekly News. Review last week, Georgia and the US for you to create national water purifier brand; Falan Ni water purifier investment policy to join efforts to support increased industry activity, and so one after another. Below, China water purifier small plait ( takes you review last week (10.9-10.15) water purifiers top ten hot news.

   Enterprise article:



   Georgia and the US as you build national water purifier brand

   Chinas water industry within two to three years will remain for 20% -30% growth rate is difficult explosive growth, as consumers buy water purification equipment to enhance awareness and accelerate the urbanization process, inevitably makes the entire water industry has a greater development. Currently water purifier market a good impression of the situation, market saturation is also rising, the high-end market will be the most intense part of the water purification market competition, the current market development, the key to the development of mobile water purification market, is through diversification product channels, enrich the current market demand, and in this regard, Georgia and the US water purifier brand water purification equipment company, to fully grasp the advantages of the line terminal development, the use of more favorable way to growing water purifier market development potential. [Click for more]

   Falan Ni purifier Merchants policy support to increase the prospects for considerable marketing agent

   In recent years, worsening water pollution, household water purifiers touted by the market, products continued selling in ...... water purifier to join the agency has become a hot investment projects. Good water purifier to join the policy Which water purification agents that support good home Falan Ni -?? Chinese high-end home water purifier brand, is a research and development, production and sales of high-tech water purification equipment, water purifiers ! manufacturers, water purifier Shenzhen factory inspection station, shuttle bus to visit factories which support water purifier brand: Falan Ni "0 initial fee, deposit 0 0 management fees" free investment: 400-7777-825, or direct to "Falan Ni clean water organ network" for advice for more details! [click for more]

   things + share Bell test the water purifier good to share the new economic model

   sharing economy is like a snowball, snowball. From the shared bicycles, car share to share charge treasure, sharing an umbrella, and even shared washing machine, shared motion warehouse, share Mazar, shared air conditioning, etc., Regardless of the actual situation, always been labeled the Sharing tab. Admittedly, some shared project really bring to life a lot of convenience. But again, there are some shared project is very "weak" or even fish in troubled waters. In the water industry, in order to meet the needs of larger groups of users to share household water purifiers have taken advantage of the rise. [Click for more]

   Laois spring water film debut Beijing net 3 years does not change the core

   2017 China water purifier brand exhibition Beijing Railway Station on October 11 in Beijing Rui Royal International hotel grand opening, the exclusive invite more than 150 gold buyers, and more than a dozen from all parts of the water purifier brand gathered to share the entrepreneurial experience. Qingdao Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Heiner Poole supporters as one of the activities of this tour for all buyers to share a brand new patented technology, comprehensive solution to the problem of water purifier filter life. 2--5 years does not change the core, to ask you Fubu Fu. [Click for more]

   An Star water purifier re national integrity of the quality benchmark for the typical enterprise-winning

   Recently, Shenzhen Angel Industrial Co., Ltd. (Products: Ann Star water purifier) 鈥嬧€媍ame Herald, which is in the country in September 2017 conducted by the China Association for quality inspection organization "quality month" - the integrity of corporate quality initiative during special events, awarded the 2017 "national benchmark for quality and integrity of the typical enterprise" award it is understood that the national "quality! month "campaign began in 1978, it aims to enhance the peoples quality consciousness, create everyone concerned about the quality, attention to quality, the pursuit of quality, create quality, quality enjoy a good social atmosphere, it is the major quality activities and mass organizations of a long-term quality of theme activities. Over the years, the "Quality Month" campaign has gained. [Click for more]

   industry articles:



   big difference between the quality of the water purification industry worrying manufacturers

   health, is nearly two Hot topic years. Many friends began to pay attention to diet, exercise often, to enhance the quality of their lives. In recent years, especially in the face of serious environmental pollution, whether it is harmful gases or radioactive materials industry aggravation chemical plant emissions, they are every moment to remind people how to prevent their own health at risk. Especially safe drinking water, many families is the primary concern in this regard, water is the bodys most essential elements of living,Each person needs about 2000 ml of drinking water a day, now home drinking water contained impurities, attachments seriously overweight, so many families have to buy a water purifier to filter impurities, to drink safe and healthy drinking water. [Click for more]

   dual channel product upgrade water purifier market is changing

   According to incomplete statistics, Chinas water purification industry after ten years of development, although large and small manufacturers have three or four thousand, but many of the water purifier manufacturing enterprises not only failed to lead to continued growth in water purification market, but instead as a water purifier product quality varies greatly, even if there is consumer demand would not easily buy, resulting in a net China water market penetration is still only 5%, water purifier market for consumers as if a pool of muddy water. But this year, some of the water purifier brand through technology research and development, is gradually establish a good brand image, so that consumers see the chaos of the end of hope. [Click for more]

   water purifier market capacity growth rapid domestic water purifier market has a huge potential

   According to statistics show that usage of water purification products in three cities in North Canton It reached 15% of household water purifiers in the overall use of domestic rate of 3% to 5%, with the quality of life improve, more people are concerned about drinking water health problems, which also contributed to the water purifier rental industry the rapid development of domestic water purifier market has huge potential. [Click for more]

   a number of water purification agents manufacturers manufacturers choose to worry

   In recent years, Chinas growing water pollution, accompanied by a secondary water pollution is extremely serious, everything It has two sides, no doubt, water pollution urging hot domestic water purification industry. So, you want to get involved in water purification industry to join the Nuggets are starting to fall into the thinking: I want to do water purifier agents, to find what kind of cooperation the manufacturers it ended the first half of 2017, Chinas large and small water purifier? device manufacturers nearly 5000. Many water purifier industry manufacturers, naturally produced cohabitation situation, which requires water purification agents have the ability to Huiyanshizhu. You want to choose a "good husband" the following points must be kept in mind. [Click for more]

   First National Golden Tripod water industry awards ceremony in Beijing Media ending

   At present, environmental pollution, water quality is also declining, consumersIn pursuit of a healthy lifestyle along with higher and higher, gave birth to Chinas water purifier market, huge market potential makes the water industry nowadays it has become a hot spot. But household water purification device is different from a simple household appliances, special industry attribute their development by the multi-restraint, and the lack of industry benchmark, leaving consumers to choose the face of difficulties, the development of Chinas water purification business in the immature state the problem facing the water purification industry urgently being reasonably effectively resolved by the parties concerned. [Click for more]

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