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Why boil water purifier ultrafiltration puried wwl havehite

  Why boil water purifier ultrafiltration purified water will have white floats? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 304 Date: 2019-1-5 16:02:37 Why use ultrafiltration water purifier water purifier burned out, there will be even white floating white precipitate? Some people would say that this must be caused by poor quality water purifier! Is the truth really like this? This is how it happened? Today, Tim net for everyone to FAQ it! Why white floating white precipitate. 涓轰粈涔堢敤瓒呮护鍑€姘村櫒鍑€鍖栬繃鐨勬按鐑у紑杩樹細鏈夌櫧鑹叉紓娴墿锛? width= Water hardness is, especially in the north less precipitation, a serious lack of evaporation, surface water, tap water or groundwater is a multi-deep well, and are well known mineral rich north, northern water calcium, magnesium, etc. metal ions is relatively high, the water quality is also generally more rigid. If these areas of the home water purifier is used in conventional UF water purification, such as ultrafiltration water purifiers simply filter out the impurities in the water, the water can not be those of calcium and magnesium ions removed completely, the water when it is likely to add boiling magnesium silicate, calcium silicate, calcium carbonate and other minerals. These minerals and easily soluble in water, but becomes hollow fine particles floating in the water, to form a white matter floating on the surface of the water, sink to the bottom of a white precipitate becomes similar, is commonly known as "scale . " Therefore, the conclusion, white floating, a white precipitate appeared, in fact, the water calcium and magnesium ions is too large, formation of calcium carbonate, magnesium silicate and other substances cause heating of the calcium and magnesium ions. Not a water purifier quality problem! These substances are harmful if it purely from the material composition analysis, certainly belongs harmless. First, these white floating white precipitate, is not released from the water purifier, but the raw water comes, a simple point, in fact, can be considered mineral raw water. GB8537-1995 national standard "sensory requirements", also particularly visible phenomenon was predetermined to allow a small amount of natural mineral salt precipitates, it refers to the precipitate. Is not drink this water, but also to "make up" calcium. of course not! Although the above phenomena is an important source of calcium carbonate in the human body, the human body which retained 34 percent, other than calcium, calcium supplement is cheap. However, these calcium carbonate in hard water may not have been absorbed by the body, but also the content of already low (Chinese standardDoes not exceed 450 mg per liter of calcium carbonate, calcium only a part, usually water even lower), but also precipitated a boil much remains in the water even less. So hard water areas may be exaggerated calcium! On the contrary, in addition to calcium, hard water also contains other substances, hard water of poor taste, and often result in Hudi scale, long-term drinking hard water and people are more prone to cardiovascular, nervous, urinary and hematopoietic system diseases. Therefore, in order to improve the taste, then you choose to go for the scale of the water purifier.

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