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The rural market -difficult to swallow homouth- water purifi

   In the traditional concept of many people, the only city with a water purifier is, not much relationship with the countryside, but that is not the case. Potential spread of water pollution is difficult to stop, not only city residents suffer, rural residents are struggling, too, together with the modern emphasis on health, and water purifiers in rural areas will be able to break some world. However, soup is beautiful, but it is difficult to swallow hot mouth, water purifier business want to open the rural market will not happen overnight thing, good policy to have mastered steadily.




rural market "difficult to swallow hot mouth" before holding a good policy can only water purifier business lines (picture from the network)

   market research will advance [ 123]

   Although the rural economy has developed rapidly in recent years, but its growth rate is still low, so the market needs of rural water purifier products in the price is relatively low, specific price range you need enterprise-depth market research. Spending power of pre-market survey is an important basis for late-stage development. In addition township consumer spending habits, consumption of water purification products are the wishes and habits can not be ignored links.

   marketing innovation can

   in the city, water purifier products are sold through monopoly and distribution of way, but in the rural market, based on product characteristics, business marketing model can be flexibly adjusted , you can open own stores, franchises, multi-channel sales.

   development of rural specialty products

   the existing characteristics of the rural market determines the price of water purification products can not be high, but not sacrifice quality to accommodate low-cost, which requires companies to do more, from optimization design, process improvements, strengthening management to reduce costs and achieve cost-effective.

   focus on branding to build word of mouth

   information contact surfaces of rural consumers generally is narrow, so the water purifier enterprises should focus on branding, image management, to create high-quality brand image and product image set the stage. In addition, a good reputation and quality services are able to attract rural consumers. Who specializes in rural markets water purifier business owners revealed that he also often in products sold after the service personnel to organize farmers around the house, to the service in question, no problem to send a small gift points, won in the urban and rural residents a good reputation. Farmers are very simple, as long as you really think they are thinking, there must be a good return.

   road is long, shall search up and down, capture the rural market is still a long road, water purification companies should continue its efforts to actively respond, multi seek good policy for enterprise development to explore more market outlet. I believe that in the near future, water purifier business will usher in a new era of booming!

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