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Price disparity of varying quality water pufier mket will en

  November 24, in the guidance of the China Household Electrical Appliances Association, State Information Center, Information Resources Development Department, the National Grid sponsored the "2016 China water industry Summit", the experts said that the current water purifier market, there is no quality varies Qi, the price gap problem, in recent years, water will enter the market reshuffle.

   It is understood that more than 60% penetration rate is different from the developed countries, domestic water purifier development started late, the popularity of the family is still very low. "Drinking water health related to the functioning of the human body can function properly." China Household Electrical Appliances Association Deputy Secretary-General Chen Gang said, "Because of this, water purifiers and more and more consumers are concerned, the industry has developed in recent years, rapid. "the PRC monitoring data show that by 2015, China water purifier market at a rate higher than 64% of rapid expansion, the market size in 2015 reached 22.8 billion yuan. 2016 1--10 months, water purification equipment total sales of 23.1 billion yuan, an increase of 20%, is expected 2016 annual market size was 285 yuan, an increase of 24%. "


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   in the future, experts pointed out that the consumption potential of the water purifier market is also a doubt. On the one hand is the market capacity there is still much room for expansion, and maintenance and after-sales filter replacement, is to bring the scale of billions of services market. on the other hand, the Chinese middle class continues to expand, and concern for the environment and public health awareness is gradually improving.

   However, behind the boom, net water market all the chaos can not be ignored. the industry said, because there is no uniform industry standard specifications and prices, resulting in uneven quality water purifier, the price disparity. and up to 40% -50% of industry profits continue to lead pie into the Council, according to incomplete statistics, Chinas water purifier brand has reached 5600. in addition, after-sales lag is also one of the major bottlenecks in our water purifier market development, some companies simply sell products regardless of service, can not be guaranteed consumer safety of drinking water, resulting in the water industrys credibility damaged.

   for a variety of adverse phenomenon in the industry, the forum issued a guidance by the China Household Electrical Appliances Association of consumer guidance, jointly prepared by the United national grid Testing Center water industry White Paper "Chinese consumers to buy water purifiers Guide", the White Paper on the characteristics of different types of water purifiers on the market of the sort, and constitutes made specific product type based on water quality and familyNo recommendation.

   Current water purification device still eye-catching performance, but the growth has been narrowed. Many companies said that this year the growth of water purifiers some weakness, but market concentration was further strengthened. Industry standard development lags behind the development of the industry, relatively weak consumer education, is a water purifier companys two "heart." Water industry in the past few years the market will face a major reshuffle.

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