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  Rampant poisonous water, the water will be safe do Author: Tim net water purification Views: 216 Published: 2019-3-20 15:36:20 factory is in line with standard tap water, but you can guarantee home tap water flowing out of accord standards? 鏈夋瘨姘寸妯锛屾按杩樹細瀹夊叏鍚? /> home improvement experienced people know, new home decoration first line of the program is to change the water to electricity. Renovation team to change those water pipes buried in the ground, if the quality of customs, however, it may become your family health hazard. During this period, the secondary pollution so that water was injured. Worrying family water quality due to direct contact with drinking water pipe, countries have strict standards. However, some enterprises in order to price competition, secondary recovery using toxic materials. CCTVs

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