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Water purification industry soup spoon multi-industry envirm

   In recent years, the rapid development of water purification industry, large and small investors have joined the water purification industry to compete for a piece of cake. But compared to foreign countries, my countrys water purification industry still lacks standards, product homogeneity serious, is not conducive to the healthy development of the entire water purification industry. Today, small industries to talk to you about these issues.




water purification industry soup spoon multi-industry environment less bright "red light" (Photo from Internet)

   imported water purifier brand safety fly ?

   the choice of water purification products, be sure to choose whether imported brands? "Imported water purifier in product design, process quality is indeed better than most domestic brands, the performance of the filter, it may be superior to domestic brands in the same kind of filter, such as activated carbon filters, which may be better than the domestic activated carbon adsorption effect. As a result, domestic activated carbon over 2 tons of water may need to be replaced, while imports of over 3 tons of water only needs to be replaced. "but National Standards Commission purifier experts believe that," from the point of view of local conditions, domestic brands may be an advantage overseas water purifiers generally can not for the specific situation in China, and our vast water complex, with varying degrees of pollution, for example, differences in water hardness in Beijing and Guangzhou is very substantial. in this case, the use of net domestic brands water may be more durable. "

   Second, water purifiers imported brands are not necessarily qualified products, recently, a group of Foshan, Inspection and Quarantine of imported household water purifiers for sampling inspection, the officers found the The total number of colonies exceeded the goods, there is a big safety and health risks. This is the first detection of Foshan imported household-type water purification product failure, inspection and quarantine departments for the implementation of the goods returned.

   It is understood that these water purifiers from a well-known brand in Germany, a total of 60 units, valued at $ 7419. After the goods arrived in Foshan Port, inspectors conduct on-site inspection and sampling from Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine Technology Center project safety and health inspection, test results found that "the total number of colonies" by the water purifiers purify soaked soaking water over our countrys mandatory standards limit requirements, not only can not play a role in the course of purification, but water pollution, harmful to the health of consumers. Inspection and quarantine departments in accordance with relevant provisions of the "Peoples Republic of China Commodity Inspection Law" and its implementing regulations, prohibition of entry the goods, the implementation process of the goods returned.

   domestic water purifier brand cottage in groups

   If the inlet water purification products may not be reliable, it is not the support from domestic water purifier does, in fact, the phenomenon of domestic water purifier is more chaotic. Face hundreds of billions of market space and commercial blue ocean, the water purification industry to survive the current status of each company is not optimistic: the current annual sales revenue exceeded 10 billion water purifier company handful; poured into the water purifier industry enterprise development for decades have not exceeded 100 million, 300 million ceiling; just entered the water purification industry to big business after completion of 50 million, 100 million yuan sales volume breakthrough soon suffered from zero growth ceiling.

   Over the years a lot of water purifier industry to foreign companies who describes a blue ocean market and business opportunities, the industry also led to a "Fortress Besieged effect." It is called "outsiders want to come in, which people want to go out" their own thoughts and yet have difficulties.

   apparently deep water purifier market. While many companies see is after this piece of future prospects and market opportunities, we ignored the hidden in the industry and market development, the prevalence of "low barriers to entry": Tun Town can be upset in the market; " intense competition ": companies compete in the market up to thousands; typical of extensive development:" product marketing and promotion of high degree of homogeneity "; in addition to the enterprise than the concept, than speculation, than Fudge, very dare than the real power in the product .

   The current water purifier before all companies the biggest confusion lies in the low barriers to entry, as well as intellectual property protection is weak, highly homogeneous high degree of homogeneity of product performance caused channel technology, as well as a marketing tool, marketing planning etc fall into the quagmire high degree of homogeneity. When a water purifier companys innovative products appear, but a large number of imitators will appear in just two weeks time. And many companies marketing and business promotion measures, there have been imitation, plagiarism and follow-up.

   each brand water purifier has both good and bad, we can not go a single view of water purification products, the purchase of water purification keep their eyes open, carefully selected, but also consider their own needs and circumstances to purchase for their own use of water purification products.

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