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Phipps water purifier China headquarts announced that it wil

   water purifier market as one of the few in the home appliance industry a "profit Heights" to attract a large number of companies and distributors crazy influx. In the rapid expansion of the explosive, there is no standard constraints, while the vast majority of small and medium enterprises, in the early stages of growth, markets are busy staking rush, no time to take into account also unable to serve this important task. Product quality are easily overlooked, not to mention after-sales service.

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   Some people may say, the product has not completely universal, talk service prematurely. But Germany Phipps water purifier responsible people do not agree with this talk, he said that as the "third product, seven installation" of semi-finished products, not only water purifier installation, commissioning, need the right to use, require regular maintenance maintenance, replace the filter, such as a fault, but more timely maintenance, in order to protect the health and safety of drinking water. We can say that the service is an integral part of the basic work, should and products, important as the location.

   "At present, Chinas water industrys largest short board is service, and the service is precisely the effective development of the market, and to achieve sustainable development and the most critical factor in profitability," general manager Germany Phipps water purifier President Chen expressed so bluntly. Germany Phipps fruit and nut-depth understanding of the market found that the domestic water purification industry has for now can not avoid the impact of the macroeconomic environment, the more inherent constraints of their own development, such as: varying quality, convenient installation, high cost, service can not keep up or other consequences have become increasingly prominent in todays age of the Internet user experience for the king, which to a large extent hindered the healthy development of the water industry.

   after market strategy seminar held China headquarters decision, Germany Phipps will give full play to the industry "leader" role in the water industry to create a new star service system, establish a new model for star service. It is reported that the United Phipps has many famous domestic water purification companies to discuss efforts to resolve the service issues of the industry, with respect to rectify the industry trend, so that domestic water purification industry to move closer to international standards. What Germany Phipps water purifier can make the role of the leader, so that domestic water purification industry has a new look it?-Called "star" and will bring consumers how kind of experience it ? all of this only other German Phipps China region headquarters when released to unravel.

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