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Water purification Agent - M cree a new -clean- industry

   In recent years, the continuous emergence of "pollution" incident, let the water pollution become a hot topic in society again. After all, human life every day without water, water pollution threaten everyones health. As the water pollution problem being taken seriously more and more people with improved water quality water purifier effect gradually into peoples homes, take the family to protect drinking water health, "the task." Agents largest water purifier brand, Hua Kang of HRK-ROAO-32 leading international water purification technology, the use of five purification process, effectively filter out impurities, colloid, bacteria, organic matter, heavy metal ions and radioactive substances , purified water is crystal clear, sweet glycol. Which product simple and stylish, modular combination of patented design, built-in 8 liters large capacity water tank, no pressure tank, convenient and simple. Widely used in household, service and office space, providing the perfect solution for drinking water purification needs to address domestic and enterprises, quickly became the new darling of the market. - M of HRK-ROAO-32 received appreciation major brand manufacturers and franchisees. Appearance and unique purification technology, has become the highlight of the summit, have competed to become the focus of major media tracking reports.

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   purifier Agent: rapid spread of known water purifiers, water pollution hazards to the human body is very large, sewage acids, bases, oxidizing agents, as well as copper, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, etc. compounds, benzene, ethylene dichloride, ethylene glycol and other organic toxins, poison the aquatic life will affect drinking water sources. Can cause coughing, asthma, bronchitis and even pneumonia and other diseases. A survey shows that tap water in the world, measured as many as 2,221 kinds of chemical pollutants, some of which recognized as a carcinogen or tumor promoters. Standard tap water from the drinking, China is still at a low level, only the water by precipitation, filtration, chlorination or the like, the river water or ground water can be simply processed into potable water. Especially in recent years, a variety of water pollution news events reported overwhelming, so that everyone on drinking water safety constant state of anxiety. Re in decahedron water pollution, people talk about "water" pale. Currently, most domestic consumers safe drinking water mostly choose to buy water purifiers, water purifiers for the market demand is rising rapidly. According to Jingdong data show that this year only October 8 and 9, two days, water purifier sales achieved over 400% growth year on year, an average of nearly ten thousand units sold every day. According to Ovid Consulting data expected todayAnnual size of my countrys water purifier market will once again set records, usher in a new wave of rapid growth. Water purification Agent: - M to create a new "clean" industry and hot water purification agents to join the great prospects for development of the market, so many household appliances enterprises are involved in the field, and now the water purifier brand shops, a wide range! versatile, so that consumers get confused. However, consumers are more willing to choose a professional water purifier brand, such as the United States, China Kang, Angel and so on. Among them, Hua Kang water purifier HRK-ROAO-33 and HRK-ROAO-38G water purifier With its "clean water" technology, much sought after by consumers. It is understood that Hua Kang water purifier HRK-ROAO-38G uses advanced composite imported activated carbon filter filters, effective adsorption of volatile organic compounds present in the water, efficient adsorption of heavy metals, strong adsorption of chlorine in tap water, thoroughly improve the taste, water retention substances and trace elements. Through the high-precision temperature sensor, precise control of the heating system frequency technology, to avoid energy losses. - M-One intelligent hot and cold HRK-ROAO-38G by inverter technology provides heating the water purifier when you need water, power consumption is only 1/4 of ordinary drinking fountains.

鍑€姘村櫒浠g悊鍔犵洘 鍗庡皵搴风紨閫犳柊鈥滃噣鈥濈晫 It is worth mentioning that, in order to allow home users to keep abreast of air quality, air purifier deterrent force A9 and C3 comes with air testing tips, real-time detection of clean air content in the room by the fuselage tanks tips, purifying effect at a glance. Of course, natural wind mode, multi-range speed regulation, water purification anion, intelligent purification, purification CADR force and application of super light perception in sleep mode and other advanced technology, function, making the product more efficient, more intelligent, more human. Water purification Agent: - M to create a new "clean" industry whether water purifier manufacturers have long-term planning, before selecting water purifier brand, we must examine life trajectory of the brands founder, and his style, only those! ambitious, hard work and tenacity of business leaders to lead the water purifier brand to go further. Learn Hua Kang water purifier brand details, please click on 鍗庡皵搴? width=

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