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Open to environmtal protection love and help Sog Ching LiChi

   Recently, the Shanghai Soong Ching Ling UNICEF was held in Shanghai "heritage great love for children," the united public charity show to raise funds for Yushu in Qinghai Province and Hebei Botou of Soong Ching Ling Childrens reading room.


   鈻?Triangle Childrens Art Troupe of the opening act

   open to environmental protection marketing director Ms. Wei Jia behalf of the Group attended the party with the community passionate people gather to witness the first time in 71 years, "Soong Ching Ling childrens reading room" set sail again.

   As a member of the Bureau, Ms. Wei Jia made a high evaluation of the charity. She said: "Children charity is a long-term social welfare undertakings, set sail again Soong Ching Ling Childrens studio, will attract more attention and added to childrens charities in the past, and the future to more needy today . has brought hope and care of children. "


   Ms. Wei Jia 鈻?open to environmental protection marketing director

   At the same time, Ms. Wei Jia also said: "Books are the key to open the door to wisdom, but a healthy body is in charge of everything the master switch. for children healthy drinking water, the future of each newly formed Soong Ching Ling childrens reading room, will receive a donation from the open to environmental protection open to the public water purification equipment for those children in underdeveloped areas can enjoy the same big city kids healthy and convenient drinking water. "


   鈻?Yushu teachers and students came to the scene

   open to environmental protection long-term commitment to support childrens welfare, launched various forms of charitable action to help children for the purpose. Including the 2009 open to environmental protection funding Qu Jianguo, chairman of Shanghai Childrens Hospital for the full cost of the separation surgery of Siamese little sister; held in 2010, "the World Because of Love" charity party, donated a total of 540,000 yuan for special children with leukemia funding; donated 150,000 yuan in 2015, caused by the five-star floor mosque nursery schools, school funding migrants; 2016 open to environmental protection to the Shanghai childrens Medical Center donated purify drinking fountains, provide healthy drinking water security and other sick children.


   鈻?open to environmental protection to the Shanghai Childrens Medical Center donated purify drinking fountains (from left to right: open to environmental protection market director Wei Jia, Shanghai ChildrenVice president of medical center to celebrate the British season, Hematology and Oncology nurse Zhang Binghua)

   This donation is open to public purify drinking fountains, help Soong Ching Ling reading room set sail 71 years later, to children in poor areas of China to provide healthy drinking water protection, reflecting the long-term commitment to childrens charities will be able to open to a new height in the new era.

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