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Water purifier manufacturs to adhe to industry conduct a eth

   Many well known, since the first half of 2016, due to the impact of macroeconomic downlink power and insufficient domestic demand and other factors, the home appliance industry into a slow growth period, and as one of the small appliance industry water purification industry has also been some impact.


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water purifier manufacturers to adhere to industry conduct and ethical product to win (Photo from Internet)

   water purifier market has entered the stage of adjustment [ 123]

   According to the relevant data show that the first half of 2016 compared with the overall water purification equipment, household appliance market, although performance is still eye-catching, but the growth rate has narrowed. Compared with 2015, the market rate of greater than 64% of rapid expansion, however, the first half of 2016, according to data display, water purification equipment total sales of 13.5 billion yuan, an increase of 19% year over year growth rate narrowed 25 percentage point. Expected 2016 full-year retail sales of water purification equipment market will reach 28.5 billion yuan, an increase of 25%, the market entered the stage of adjustment.

   In this regard, industry experts said, although for now, the water industry in-depth adjustment, however, the direction of the development of the internal structure become increasingly clear, especially the use of reverse osmosis water machine technology, after several after years of development, we jumped remains relatively strong growth. The PRC, according to estimates, the first half of 2016 the market size of pure water breaking $ 9.5 billion, an increase of 34.1%; water purifier market size of 2.21 billion yuan, down 4.1% year on year.

   vendors in order to further gain market share so that water purification products cohabitation

   And in the context of the development of this industry, water purification, water purifier manufacturers in order to further gain market share, that lead to the water purification products currently on the market was mixed, uneven quality of the phenomenon. It is understood that due to the lack of market standards and regulations and other related industries, resulting in some substandard water purification products running amok in the market, there is a major security problem.

   For example, cite a simple example, Take informed of the test results Shanghai for instance, of the 20 products in the security program to detect heavy metals in the project, the precipitation of two samples exceeding limit value relates to lead, cadmium, mercury and the like; the amount of oxygen in the project, the effect of precipitation of four samples exceeds the limit. This means that this group of product samplingIn order liter water purifier ultrafiltration card LH3-8Ad other nine samples were precipitated heavy metal is present, the amount of added oxygen excessive poor purification efficiency problem.

   "In fact, part of this group of products from the online business platform, in part from the lower line of large household appliances shopping malls, stores, etc. Thus, the current market, water purification products also there is a big security risk, there are some products excessive heavy metals, microbial easy to breed security issues, but also in terms of energy efficiency also needs to be improved, for example, oxygen consumption galloping over the issue and so on. "in response, industry experts said.

   water purifier manufacturers need to wake up

   water purifier as an emerging industry, due to the lack of market standards and regulations and other related industries, was a result of some companies fishing in troubled waters, just keep the concept of speculation fight gimmick at the expense of product quality issues, so whether it is for the majority of consumers, or for firms, need to wake up.

   First of all, for the majority of consumers, water purifiers although it will play a purification function, however, if you choose water purifier product failure, it will be the opposite phenomenon, coupled with clean water Noir is a few thousand dollars, ordinary water purifier also on the hundred dollars, therefore, for the majority of consumers use water purifier, the purchase of products sure to look for each brand and each model of water purifier health The only permission lot, police counterfeit products.

   Second, for the majority of water purifier manufacturers, although the water purifier market is still in its early stages of development, a series of market standards and policies there are missing phenomenon, however, for manufacturers, certain to adhere to industry ethics and morality, can not blindly rely on gimmicks and fight concept to fool consumers, otherwise consumers will not only shut out, affect their brand and corporate reputation, the competition will disturb the market order.

   In the current water purifier market in-depth market adjustment period, faced with declining growth trend, the manufacturers as clean water, can not rely on gimmicks to win in the market, but also to adhere to industry standards, consumer demand for the center return to quality and product quality up to perfect the product to win in the market and consumers, in order to win the final victory.

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