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Tim net water purification equipment- surprise! Sichuan take

  Tim net water purification equipment: surprise! Take one hundred million yuan in Sichuan excitation of water pollution control: Tim net water purification Views: 639 Date: 2016-6-4 11:48:02 鎭噣鍑€姘磋澶囷細鎯婏紒鍥涘窛鐪佹嬁涓€浜垮厓婵€鍔辨按姹℃煋闃叉不 on the eve of World Environment Day, the Sichuan Provincial Government held a news conference to announce the the provinces environmental quality by 2015 "report card", while according to Tim net water purification equipment has learned that this year, Sichuan province will invest one hundred million yuan assessment and incentive funds as regulation of water pollution. This month launched a pilot project Environmental Protection Inspector, select the four provincial city (prefecture) inspectors to carry out the results as an important basis for the evaluation and assessment of leading cadres appointment and removal of the ecological damage to the environment of accountability is the lifelong accountability. Every three years, Inspector round ecological damage "lifelong debt collection" Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau deputy director, spokesman Yangxue Hong said inspectors plan has been approved, will start this month. At the same time, from the beginning of this year, Sichuan will be about every three years under the jurisdiction of 21 cities (state) inspectors again. Reporters learned that environmental inspectors mainly for municipalities (state) party committee and government and relevant departments, and sink to the part of the county-level Party and government departments, mainly for environmental protection and ecological civilization construction decisions and arrangements to implement the situation, highlighting environmental issues and deal with the situation . Inspectors will also hand over the results of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee Organization Department, as an important basis for the inspector local leadership and cadres appraisal, appointment and removal of leading cadres. On the party and government leaders in terms of environmental protection and ecological civilization construction omission, chaos as even dereliction of duty, abuse of power, the need to pursue disciplinary rules and responsibilities will be transferred to the appropriate discipline inspection organs treated in accordance with the cadre management authority. In addition, the province this year also made it clear, Party committees and governments of the regions ecological environment and resource protection overall responsibility, primary responsibility party committee and government leading members. Environmental Damages accountability adhere to the same rights and responsibilities, the principle of life-long prosecution. Contrary to the requirements of scientific development, causing serious damage to the ecological environment and resources, regardless of whether those responsible have been transferred, promoted or retired, must strictly accountable. The main pollutant concentrations in the atmosphere at the meeting informed declining, concentration of major pollutants in our province declining atmospheric environment, urban air quality improved markedly. By 2015, the city of sulfur dioxide concentration to 18 micrograms / cubic meter, down 28.6% year on year, 21 city (state) government seat cities continued compliance, for five consecutive years of decline. The provinces nitrogen dioxide concentration of 30 micrograms/ Cubic meter, down 6.6%, decline in two consecutive years, in addition to Chengdu, 20 cities are continuing compliance, Chengdu exceeding 0.33 times. Province PM10 concentration 76 micrograms / cubic meter, down 4.8%, decline in two consecutive years, in which Malcolm, Kangding, Xichang, Panzhihua, Guangyuan, Yaan, seven cities in Pakistan standards, and the remaining 14 cities exceeded the standard at a multiple of 0.03 -0.54 times. Last year, the province ozone concentrations 131 micrograms / cubic meter, Chengdu, Meishan, Suining three cities exceeded the standard at a multiple of 0.02 to 0.14 times, and the remaining 18 cities standards. Thirteen Five more confidence to further improve air quality, and strive to overall air quality standards within a decade. By 2025, the provinces prefecture-level cities PM10, PM2.5 average concentration significantly reduced. "Yangxue Hong analysis, unfinished last year air quality improvement goals have four cities. 6 out of Sichuan section of water all the standards of last year, the province 137 national, provincial control monitoring sections, there are 85 standards, compliance rate 62.0%; 6 out of Sichuan section water quality of all standards. According to reports, the provinces main river water quality compliance rate are affected Tuo compliance rate of decline, Tuo and total phosphorus mainly by excessive drag. Director of Water Environment Research, Central Province, ASTRI Tian Qinghua believes that the cause of total phosphorus exceeded, one Minjiang River Tuo River basin pollution load as the provinces economy developed regions heavy, two river water is substantially reduced in recent years, causing water environmental capacity reduction. "In fact, the province has successfully reduced the second five total national emissions of chemical oxygen demand and ammonia nitrogen assessment of two indicators. 2015, 137 provinces controlled sections after deducting the total phosphorus compliance rate of 82.76%, the water quality of the environment by the cyclical volatility of the situation to deteriorate into a long-term trend for the better. "Unfortunately, the province included in the national" key river basin water pollution prevention plan (2011-2015) "project completion rate of 56% . Pre-province developed a large number of water pollution control projects and into the "planning", but with limited state funds, the actual funds invested only 18.25 percent of the total, many projects do not guarantee the implementation of state funds can not. The province is "eating finance", with limited funds insured "saving" this focus, and other relevant departments to perform their own plan, so project completion rate is not high. "However, the province project completion rate in 5 provinces and cities in the Yangtze River Three Gorges Reservoir and its upstream watershed is still among the highest, and meet assessment requirements." Yangxue Hong said. Financial investment incentives were one hundred million yuan assessment, according to the ruleLight and heavy processing tasks were issued excitation gold, end of the year does not fulfill the objectives and tasks, deduct incentive payments. At the same time, will also strengthen water pollution control through scheduling, reporting, supervision, assessment and other means. Tim net water purification equipment environmental governance think and feel sword pay in the moment, but such a "trick" is to bring good incentive effect, Tim net water purification equipment small series really have no illusions, one hundred million yuan of funds as an incentive bonuses, do less of this billion, they are doomed nothing yet?

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