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Rongshida reached a strategic cooperation with ChinMobile to

   August 3, Rongshida Electronic Appliance Group and China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd. in Anhui Hefei Branch of strategic cooperation signing ceremony was held in Hefei Rongshida Electronic Appliance Group. Hefei CPPCC and deputy party secretary, vice chairman of China Ai, municipal CPPCC Standing Committee, Economic Commission Director Xie Zixin, City Commission by letter of the Party committee, Wang Shipeng SME Bureau, the city CPPCC members, general manager of China Mobile Hefei Branch Paul, Hefei Rongshida electronic Appliance Group chairman Pan Baochun, attended the signing ceremony. Victor clean water

鑽d簨杈句笌涓浗绉诲姩杈炬垚鎴樼暐鍚堜綔 寮€鍚櫤鑳藉灞呮柊绡囩珷

   Pan Baochun chairman, said in his speech, successfully Rongshida smart home strategy, thanks to the country in recent years launched a series of principles and policies of the Party is inseparable from governments at all levels the concern and support, will Rongshida gratitude, efforts to return to the community, to contribute to the country. Double hit as a national demonstration bases, Rongshida Group to build Chinas smart home industry benchmark, benchmark emerging industry gathering place, the old national brand rejuvenation benchmarking mission from the previous manufacturing enterprises successful transformation of enterprises and entrepreneurs to create a platform completed industrial restructuring, transformation and values 鈥嬧€媡ransformation mechanism, established industrial planning, park operations and three strategic investment projects, by the State Council and the Party committees and governments attach great importance. China Mobile Ltd., Anhui Hefei Branch as the provinces largest telecommunications operator, providing IT support in recent years to promote the Hefei communications infrastructure, to achieve sound and rapid economic development. The partnership, opening a new chapter of cooperation in the field of intelligent home, the two sides will seek common development, hand in hand.

鑽d簨杈句笌涓浗绉诲姩杈炬垚鎴樼暐鍚堜綔 寮€鍚櫤鑳藉灞呮柊绡囩珷

   China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd., general manager of Anhui Hefei Branch Paul said in his speech, remarkable achievements in the transition process Rongshida Group acquired, can stand out in many enterprises in the country , won the national demonstration bases double hit even more admirable. Smart Home is also where China Mobile Groups strategy, the cooperation with strategic Rongshida was exemplary combination, it will have a demonstration and leading role in the province.

   Ai Hua Vice-President in his speech congratulated the Pan Baochun honorable chairman recently elected vice chairman of the provincial Federation of Industry and won the "fifth outstanding builders of socialism with Chinese characteristics, Anhui Province," the title, he said. this is led by chairman Pan Baochun Rongshida Group, a special contribution to the provinces economic and social development, industrial restructuring and upgrading and construction of double hit made inseparable. June 21, RongshidaWon the national title two-base hit, this award belongs not only Rongshida and smart home industry, but even in Hefei, Anhui Province, a major event in practice the "public entrepreneurship and innovation," and "Made in China 2025" process. The Rongshida and Anhui Hefei Branch of mobile strategic cooperation has great significance, Hefei will create a more competitive and influential and innovative business card, put up a new banner on the side of the road of innovation cooperation.

   It is reported that in June 21 announced the "State Council Opinions on the construction of the second batch of highly innovative entrepreneurial public demonstration bases", the Rongshida Electronic Appliance Group and China Mobile both selected. The Rongshida strategic cooperation with China Mobile, the two sides but also the implementation of the opinion "supports the establishment of coordination mechanism between the double hit Demonstration Base" an important manifestation of policy. The two sides will share future innovation and entrepreneurship resources and build a platform to support innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of intelligent home, such as information technology, working closely collaborate. To better implement the practice of innovation-driven development strategy unswervingly push forward the supply-side structural reforms to inject new more power.

鑽d簨杈句笌涓浗绉诲姩杈炬垚鎴樼暐鍚堜綔 寮€鍚櫤鑳藉灞呮柊绡囩珷鑽d簨杈句笌涓浗绉诲姩杈炬垚鎴樼暐鍚堜綔 寮€鍚櫤鑳藉灞呮柊绡囩珷

   Rongshida Group will take this strategic cooperation as an opportunity to push forward landing each specific project, promote mutual benefit and achieve mutually complementary industrial chain to promote the cause forward double hit, push the steady development of the smart home industry.

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