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Water purifier market analysis of large data needed to suppo

  Water purifier market analysis of large data needed to support product quality publishing site: Published: 2015-11-18

   driving the rapid economic development of peoples pursuit of quality of life, household water purifiers We have begun to enter each household kitchen. With frequent exposure to safe drinking water and water pollution event of doubt, the water purifier is also increasingly being recognized by the people, especially in this world of Internet information dissemination in high speed.

   to 80 after the main force to buy water purifiers, water purifiers 90 most recognized

   In this era of abundance, people can from newspapers, micro-channel, microblogging day water pollution incident variety of sources that the country, compared to 60, the older generation of the 1970s, after more 80,90 pursuit of healthy living and improve quality of life, especially after 90, very happy to accept this water purifier can improve the quality of life of purification equipment, but 80 in income and savings, compared to 90 is more dominant, it is the main force to buy water purifier market.

   Relying on the support of big data, water purifiers will be more secure and portable smart

   With the popularity of the Internet, more and more water purification company will pay more attention to consumers purchase requirement. Many consumers search the Internet they want to extend the water purifier and the word out, such as water purifiers Walter really easy to use, where to buy genuine Walter water purifier, etc., which brings together search behavior together they form a large data. Water purifier manufacturers know consumers can expect water purifier and the problems encountered in use so that it can produce more for the market water purifier by analyzing these large data. Currently, Walter through the analysis of the market, are also stepping up research and development of lighter, safer and smarter water purifier.

   main water purifier market will be developed eastern coastal cities to second and third tier cities and rural areas

   Walter discovered through research in recent years, the main market water purifier have been transferred tendency, combined with the current situation the Party Central Committee to promote the urbanization instructions and industries to move to the mainland, the late second and third tier cities and rural areas will be the main market water purifier.

   product quality to consumers to choose water purifier biggest doubt

   fire while the water purifier market has also attracted a number of carnal wisdom of unscrupulous traders to mislead consumers on propaganda ,veryTo false propaganda, so that the water purification industry into a crisis of confidence. Walter has also been a company attacked our water purifier filter effects production of their home is not good, Walter Ming heart in order to continuously improve their product quality and use of effects, the combination of a group of loyal customers; and then against us because that company did not wade this document and suspected unlicensed production of water purifiers, fined once after they no longer after the tone. After this thing, Walter firmly believe that product quality is the consumers most concerned about the issue, only continue to improve the quality and use of water purification effect, it is the fundamental way to expand the market.

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