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Three methods of identifying strengths and weaknesseof e qua

   due to the lack of uniform standards and management, China water purifier market is still in the non-standard state of development. Faced with numerous water purifier brand, product homogeneity severe cases, consumers learn how to identify the pros and cons of the importance of water purifiers. The following are several methods to identify the pros and cons of water purifier, hope can help to you.




discern good quality water purification method of the three-speed look! (Picture from the network)

   1, the water purifier filter material and to analyze life

   The water purifier filter cartridge is composed of different compositions, different filter components, filter the function is also different. Currently the use of home water purifier to the filter material mainly PP cotton - melt-blown polypropylene filter, its life cycle is generally 3-6 months, the water can remove rust, sand and other substances harmful macromolecules; particles or sintered activated carbon filter, life cycle is 3-6 months, typically assume the role of smell adsorbed water color, turbidity of the water can be reduced; ultrafiltration (UF) of the filter element life is relatively long period, typically 24 months, its filter pore size of 0.001 micron, water Journal bacteria, viruses and other small particulate removable; longest life of the RO membrane cartridge can be used up to 36 months, since it is only 0.0001 micron pore size, thus water can remove all impurities except water molecules.

   2, and the function of filter criteria from the water purifier to distinguish

   are generally classified purifier single stage filter, a single-stage multilayer (composite media) three kinds of multi-stage filter filter, main filter cartridge is installed according to the number of points. In general, one of which represents a number of filter, two was two, and so on.

   single stage filter has become coarse filtration, i.e., water purifier which only one cartridge is installed, and only one filter, such as PP cotton, relatively simple, generally as a pre-filter purifier use. Single stage multilayer (composite media) water purifier is only one filter, the filter but there are at least two or more media. Multi-stage filtration of water purifier, there are at least two combination filter, generally be divided into microfiltration and ultrafiltration filter cartridge, a reverse osmosis filter and the like. According to different multi-stage water purifier filter cartridge combination it can be divided into microfiltration water purifier, ultrafiltration water, reverse osmosis water purification.

   However, it should be noted that more thanStage water purifier filter stages not possible, but on the core member - precision filter water purifier filter chosen. Level 5 currently available in the market which filter 6 is relatively stable and reasonable multi-stage filtration.

   3, the structure and appearance of quality standards of the water purifier to judge

   brand water purifier, generally have wading this document issued by the Ministry of Health, must comply with the standard water purification It must comply with the "drinking water quality standards." If there is an international certification NSF certification standards are more in line with peoples daily drinking water standards, to better ensure the safety of drinking water users.

   Further, to judge from the external structure of the water purifier is safe to use. Users at the time of purchase, it is best to try to see if the water purifier water leakage, which is mainly connected with the technology and seal technology water purifier whether to cross the border. Water purification technology can be divided conduit links and links connecting the two modules, connected in a modular fashion is relatively stable, it can effectively avoid leakage problems. Tightness of sealing technology water purifier will depend on the number of seals and seals with water purifier bayonet link, no problem as long as these two points, the general water purifier water leakage will not occur.

   From the above three points of view, you can basically determine the merits of a home water purifier, I hope this article helps you to buy a water purifier yo!

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