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Victor water purifiers- RO revse osmosis technology is more

   clean water for people have a certain understanding all know that this area has ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis RO three major schools of common technical solutions. Major water purifier manufacturers have also to be one of them as a selling point of marketing hype, then as consumers, that we actually choose which one do? Victor clean water on the recommendation of the experts, taking into account Chinas water quality, with anti-RO penetration of technology products more suitable for domestic consumers.


   two major challenges in water purification industry

   Victor purifier official said the Chinese market, many brands of water purification, the water purifier market do need to face two challenge: the first is to grasp the characteristics of the market, and the potential demand of consumers understand the place; the second is the research and development team to find effective solutions that will enable consumer demand.

   RO reverse osmosis technology is more suitable for Chinese water quality

   in the field of water purification, currently we have ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis RO three major schools of common technical solutions.

   due to poor water quality in many parts of our country, RO reverse osmosis technology can filter out the vast majority of pollutants in water almost become the absolute mainstream of the market. Victor purifier experts believe that Chinas water purifier market and abroad has a significant difference, such as the European and American users, mainly through improving the taste of water purification machines, requires no special attention to water pollution and water security issues. But China in recent years due to rapid industrialization, contaminants in drinking water problem is very serious, not only in the big cities, in rural areas of industry even everywhere. When the water purifier Victor into the field of water purification experts became aware of this difference, so choose a more suitable for China RO reverse osmosis water purification products in the technical schools.

   RO reverse osmosis water purification products also have differences in

   Although we have adopted RO reverse osmosis technology, but in performance, life, stability and overall performance of each brand RO reverse osmosis membrane used there is a huge gap.

   Data show that the current domestic market water purifier RO reverse osmosis water purifier categories have occupied nearly 70% overall share. However, RO reverse osmosis water purifier market a lot of common desalination rate instability, waste water rate, short filter life issues. Victor as a high-end water purifier water purifier brand, its multiple uses of water purification products are the industrys top US Dow RO original film, the whole film imports, accuracy of 0.0001 m; rejection rate> 99.7%, can effectively filter the inorganic salts, heavy metal ions, organics, colloids, bacteria, viruses and other impurities in the water.

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