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Water purifiers top ten brands vo count down one hundred enr

   After more than a month of voting, ended at 10:25 on May morning, sponsored by the China Water Purifier Network "2015 China top ten brands of water purifiers" micro-channel network contest voting platform has more than hundreds of thousands of people to vote, to ensure that the public has voted just, fair and open, we take a 3 IP can only vote once, and strive to select the most outstanding industry top ten brands of water purifiers.


   As China water purifier water purification industry authoritative information network platform, the first of the years "Top Ten brand" network selection activities, we have achieved great success . With the commencement of activities, its influence gradually expanded, as customers explore business opportunities, collaborate with peers, rebranding strategy has played a great role.

   Since entering this contest voting session began, the major candidates Enterprise "gearing up" to be outdone, is starting a number of votes, the majority of users and industry professionals actively and enthusiastically participating. This contest voting deadline is May 30, the current countdown start, also did not participate in the online voting seize the time to vote. <<<<<<<<<<<<寰俊鎶曠エ鍏紬鍙凤細wwwjsq001com銆?/p>

   brand value is self-evident, there is bound to have a competitive selection. Selection vote was nearing completion, but the "top ten brands" list but still there is a change at any time. Various participating companies and brands winning margin is relatively small, limited places standings, who may have to be replaced. "Ten brand" who gets what, we need to wait and see.

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