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News Week Inventory- China Water Purifier Network Ten hot ne


concerned about water purification industry trends, inventory Weekly News. Review last week, Lu Quan talk about water purification agents franchisee community promotion of adaptable, Ou Nuoni take you into the worlds water purifier. Here, the Chinese water purifier small plait ( takes you review last week (9.21-9.27) water purifiers top ten hot news.


Enterprise article:

   Lu Quan talk about water purification agents franchisee community promotion of resourcefulness

   community promotion is water purification agents to join the more common and better-performing a generalization approach to community activities as the main positions, the use of advertising, publicity materials, etc. products showing water purifier brand information or event information to the owners. Find customers in the area being renovated, water purifiers stores often become "open source" the main way. [Click for more]

   Ounuo Ni take you into the water purifier in the world

   In recent years, along with the increasingly serious environmental pollution, especially water pollution. Many times we do not know their water safe to drink, health unsanitary. As technology and health awareness enjoys popular support, is no longer a unique water purifier appliances, whether big cities, small towns and even rural households, household water purifiers can see the shadow. [Click for more]

   On the net of the spring water purifier manufacturers to "get consumer psychology are in the market."

   In modern society, is gradually becoming a household water purifier necessities. In accordance with the concept of the past, to buy water purifier is a completely extravagant. In make ends meet, the lean years, as long as people have tile covered will be able to feel satisfied. But times have been changing, when food and clothing in the traditional sense has been no problem, the people demand life are becoming more and more demanding, the pursuit of material and spiritual double enjoyment. [Click for more]

   experiential marketing has become a water purifier sales Collection

   development of water purification industry are flourishing in China, market competition has intensified, in order to better sales, dealers and water purifier water purifier manufacturers are expanding variety of sales model and sales channels. Practice has proved that experiential marketing has become the easiest way of selling deal! Premise that experiential marketing is a difference of water purification products! [Click for more]

   the history of the development of water purification industry from the "To Do" to "worthwhile" transition

   water purification industry development in China for over 20 years, and now the entire water purification industry has entered a rapid growth stage of the product life cycle. Development really good test of an industry, the end consumer is the only test. At present, the end consumer education has done quite well, consumers buy water purifier products has changed from "Do you want" "good" to "worth" of the transition. [Click for more]

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