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When the maternal and child alth became just neenew homappli

   a sudden special experience, so that peoples awareness for health than ever before, and in this which, as a special group need to be protected, maternal and child class people are being more attention.

   According to Nielsen recently released a report, "Overview of maternal and infant industry trend" shows that the epidemic affected the current national health awareness is high, only during February, B2C market wet wipes and baby wet wipes category sales year on year increase of up to 143%, while the special period of home quarantine living further cultivate the consumer online shopping habits, February infant formula, baby food and baby diapers online B2C market sales increased by 86%, 98% and 47%, respectively.

   infants lack self-care ability and resistance, more needs to be properly taken care of, a sudden encounter special deepened the parents of the idea; on the other hand, after becoming more and more 80,90 parents, they advocate new things, new ideas parenting, more modern way of thinking, but also more willing to use tools to assist child care, which in this, a series of health, safety, user-friendly and intelligent mother appliances, is expected to usher in following the "two after the outbreak of a new round of tire. "



   is expected to erupt

   since 2016, "two-child policy" after full liberalization, China has become the worlds second largest baby products consumer, According to Ovid cloud network data show that in 2018 the market size of mother to child has exceeded 3 trillion yuan over the past five years, the compound growth rate of about 14.8%, by 2020 the market size will reach 619.3 million yuan.

   In which, according to a set of public survey data show that nearly 90% of women will focus on maternal and child incubation period home appliances category, while covering the research group after the 70-90 More than half of users considered professional mother to buy home appliances is very necessary; According to the PRC, the data show that in 2020 Chinese children aged 0-6 years will reach 125 million, and parents also reduce price sensitivity in the purchase of home appliances , 90% of users are willing to pay over the average of 18.9% of premium home appliances more suitable for maternal and child population, and they will pay more attention to quality, safety, product functionality and ease of operation.

   to a specific product categories, in the diet, assist the mothers breast pump, milk is responsible for adjusting the infant diet, warm milk, baby auxiliaryFood machine, water purifier dedicated mother and child, mother and child for tableware disinfection disinfection cabinet, maternal dishwasher; living aspects of daily life, to avoid cross-contamination clothing, designed specifically for infants and young children mini maternal and child washing machines, for air conditioning mother, maternal air purifiers and other air pollution problems. Masamori limelight mother and child, so all kinds of home appliances have played "mother card", once again confirms the sentence: "Women and childrens easiest to make money."

   Insiders said the grapefruit, Chinas huge population base, with the advent of two-child policy and consumption upgrade, the demand for maternal and child home appliances is expected to exist for a long time, the unexpected situation even more special further deepened the peoples health awareness, in addition, also the view that, in a certain time period after the outbreak, will usher in a new wave of "baby boom" and there will be more young parents choose to buy home appliances maternal and child .

   thorns still exist

   As many stage companies targeting the target market, mother and child home appliances will also become the next battleground subdivision layout of the home appliance market. However, insiders said the grapefruit, although the maternal home appliances has broad runway looks, in fact, "visibility" is not high, before the fight, "take off", there is still considerable problems to be solved.

   segments of both mother and child home appliances home appliance market, but also maternal and child market segments, both "home appliances" and "mother" of the dual properties. According to Jingdong Mall maternal and child brand small appliances TOP layout display, in addition to Haier, Midea, Winnie the mainstream appliance brands, are other maternal and child class brands, such as small polar bear, small bears strong. On the other hand, in the child king, honey bud baby, big V shop, Babe network, groups, and other maternal and child Mummy electronic business platform, the main push brand equally to maternal and child class brands, although the home appliance brand in the maternal home appliances has a corresponding layout, but due to the influence factors of resources and promotion strategies, major appliances brand in a relatively weak field of maternal and child home appliances, how to play to their advantages in manufacturing, and identify their own position in the competition, is a household electrical appliance brand appliances when force mother to consider.

   At the same time, although the younger generation of parents is less sensitive to price, but it also reflects their requirements for the quality of maternal and child home appliances. Maternal and Child appliances designed for pregnant women and infants and young children 0-6 years old, with the average traditional home appliances has some differences in design, but for their productsSafety, health attributes, ease of use, also has a higher demand, product differentiation, higher degree of specialization required.

   However, due to the mothers home appliance industry in China started late, the lack of appropriate standards, the market is relatively confusion, it also gives a lot of business opportunities, "all sorts of pretexts," the lack of standards, the huge price difference, function vacuity maternal and child are home appliances market situation for a long time faced a lot of merchandise coupled with the "mother" label will be worth a hundred times, some of the advertised specifically for mother and child to create products, in addition to put on a childrens favorite cute appearance, and general products but did not have much difference in functionality; more, even to some extent, function shrinking, even as the use of common household appliances, has become less expensive and easy to use "vase."

   There are young parents told grapefruit, his reason for maternal and child would choose to buy home appliances, took a fancy to its security, health and convenience attributes, can bring more love and attentive care to the baby. If you spend big money to buy something back but not an ordinary easy to use, no doubt overdrawn parents trust for mother and child home appliances and related products for them "at arms length." Therefore, to make maternal and child home appliances, not only industry to develop appropriate standards, rules, companies need to work hard in the technology, the real "mother and child" concept products fell real office, but through research and other means, understanding Bao Bao dad mom and babys real needs, rather than take it for granted will add some useless gimmicks to the product.

   In addition, the industry also said to grapefruit, due to the limited life cycle of maternal and child home appliances itself, after all, is specially designed for the mother and child products, as the child grows, mother and child home appliances will fall into a lost waste , keep useless embarrassment, on the other hand it is also difficult to cultivate customer loyalty for the brand, which still requires the user enterprise and the wisdom to try to solve.

   maternal great market potential should not be underestimated, for the home appliance enterprises, to have a share in maternal and child market, in addition to "up in the wind", but also to do a good job of practicing internal strength.

   (Source: HC, invasion deleted)

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